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Chassis plate information is quite complex, the format having changed at least three times.

The following information is offered as a guide. Any additional information, please e-mail Tommy Sandham. But don't ask me questions, as all I know is already here!!

For detailed information refer to the relevant Parts Book.

See Lotus Cortina Chassis Plate data, here.



Pre-1965 identification plates showed the model number, for example 100E or 107E, then the engine number prefixed either 100E (or 105E for the 107E).

In 1962 a new system of ten digit numbering was introduced, above. The first digits showed the assembly plant (Z = Dagenham, H = Halewood), the next two the body type, the next letter was the year (A = 1961, B = 1962 etc.). The actual vehicle number followed this, xxxxxx in the above example.

Paint codes and trim codes are here.

1965 0n:-

A new style of plate was introduced in January 1965 as follows. (A sample plate is illustrated above).

DRIVE: 1 Means the car is right hand drive. (2 means left hand drive).

ENG: 1 is 1198cc (High Compression) 2 is 1198cc (Low Compression) 3 is 1498cc (High Compression) 4 is 1498cc Low Compression) 5 is 1498cc G.T.

TRANS: Gives details of the gearbox,


1 is floor change, 2 is steering column change, 3 is automatic gearbox, 4 is remote control floor change (as on G.T.)

AXLE: Provides details of rear axle ratio where:

S is standard ratio of 4.125 to 1 for 1198cc Saloons, 3.9 to 1 for 1498cc saloons and Estate cars, and 4.44 to 1 for 1198cc Estate cars.

1 = 4.44:1, 2 = 4.125: 1.

TRIM: This provides the colour and or combination of colours used on seats and carpets.  Update: - Now added to web, see here for trim codes.

Look in the Ford Parts Book, or "Guide to Do-it-Yourself Purchase and Restoration of the Ford Cortina and Escort," by Kim Henson. 


FIRST LETTER: B Assembled in Britain.

SECOND LETTER A = Dagenham, B = Halewood, C = Langley, D = Southampton. (Overseas, CN = Amsterdam, CE = Cork, GA = Cologne, GB = Genk, GC = Saalouis, WP = Valencia).

Update: - I've just found these plant codes in a 1966 Ford Zodiac Parts List:-

Ford Australia: Broadmeadows G, Brisbane H, Sydney K,

Ford Egypt B,

Ford Eire E,

Ford Malaysia (Singapore) R,

Ford Mexico F,

Ford Netherlands N,

Ford New Zealand L,

Ford Philippines (Manila) U,

Ford Portugal P,

Ford South Africa S,

Ford Venezuela J,

Thai Motors Bangkok G,

Hyundai Motor Co Seoul Korea U,

Associated Motor Ind Malasia (Kuala Lumpur) R,

Amalgamated Ind Trinidad (Port of Spain) T,

Palestine Automobiles Haifa S.

NEXT TWO NUMBERS: Body and gearchange type, as below:

11 = Corsair, 2-door, standard, column change, 12 = Corsair, 4-door, standard, column change, 13 = Corsair 2-door, DeLuxe, column change, 14 Corsair, 2-door, DeLuxe, floor change, 15 = Corsair, 4-door, DeLuxe, column change, 16 = Corsair, 4-door, DeLuxe, floor change, 17 = Corsair, 2-door, G.T., floor change, 18 = Corsair, 4-door, G.T., floor change,

21 = Anglia, 2-door, standard, floor change, 22 = Anglia, 2-door, DeLuxe, floor change, (used with 997cc and 1200cc engined versions), 23 - Anglia Estate, standard, floor change, 24 = Anglia Estate DeLuxe, floor change, (used with 997cc and 1200cc engine versions),

25 = Prefect, 4-door, standard, floor change, 31 to 34 V4 engined Corsair models,

35 = Corsair, 2-door, G.T., Export, 36 = Corsair, 4-door, G.T., Export

31 = Classic, 2-door, standard, floor change, 32 = Classic, 4-door, standard, floor change, 33 = Classic, 2-door, DeLuxe, column change, 34 = Classic, 2-door, DeLuxe, floor change, 35 = Classic, 4-door, DeLuxe, column change, 36 = Classic, 4-door, DeLuxe, floor change,

37 = Capri, 2-door coupe, DeLuxe, column change, 38 = Capri, 2-door coupe, DeLuxe, floor change, 39 = Capri, 2-door coupe, G.T. floor change,

71 = Cortina, 2-door standard, floor change, 72 = Cortina, 4-door standard, floor change, 73 = Cortina, 2-door DeLuxe, column change, 74 = Cortina 2-door DeLuxe, floor change (also used for LOTUS CORTINA) 75 = Cortina 4-door DeLuxe, column change, 76 = Cortina, 4-door DeLuxe floor change 77 = Cortina, 2-door G.T., 78 = Cortina, 4-door G.T., 81 = Cortina 2-door Super, column change, 82 = Cortina, 2-door Super, floor change, 83 = Cortina, 4-door Super, column change, 84 = Cortina, 4-door Super, floor change, 86 = Cortina Estate, DeLuxe, column change, 87 = Cortina Estate, DeLuxe, floor change, 88 = Cortina Estate, Super, column change, 89 = Cortina Estate, Super, floor change.

NEXT LETTER = Year of manufacture, where:

B = 1962, C = 1963, D = 1964, E = 1965, F = 1966, etc. (Note: Year letter data was wrong in previous versions of this page -- sorry,  Tommy)

NEXT LETTER = Month of manufacture. 

So, January 1964 would read DB, etc, year letter first, then month.

Month 1963 (C) 1964 (D) 1965 (E) 1966 (F)
January C B J L
February K R U Y
March D A M S
April E G P T
May L C B J
June Y K R U
July S D A M
August T E G P
September J L C B
October U Y K R
November M S D A
December P T E G

PAINT CODE. This describes the colour of the paint used on the bodyshell, for example: A = Savoy Black, M = Ambassador Blue, AN Monza Red, and so on. So when you order paint to have your car re-sprayed you ask for (for example) Ford paint code AN, Monza Red. Any worthwhile paint supplier will recognise the reference code and can mix the paint for you accordingly. For a full list of paint colours for your car refer to the relevant workshop manual and/or Parts Book, or see paint and trim here.

NEXT FIVE NUMBERS. This is the actual number of the vehicle.

If you have an SVC number. it denotes a year of manufacture where a vehicle has been shipped abroad unassembled and put together in another country.


See Lotus Cortina Chassis Plate data, here.

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