MK1 Cortina Bodyshell Restoration

These pages show several Cortina MK1 bodyshells undergoing restoration. I hope they will be useful to you.

I have decided to start at the front of the car and work towards to back.

All the photos are Copyright Tommy Sandham and cannot be used without written permission from me.

cort001.jpg (190031 bytes) A MK1 bodyshell on its side and partly repaired. You can make out welding on the underside of the sill at the bottom of the picture. A metal plate has also been welded in to repair the floor on both sides.

At the top of the photo a new front outrigger has been welded in position and primed with grey primer paint.

The black paint is Hammerite and some of the floor and rear of the bodyshell has been painted using this material.

This is my car in the "as-bought" state. The previous owner had done a lot of work to get it to this stage.

There is/ was a lot of work ahead to get the bodyshell repaired and the car on the road.

cort007.jpg (163085 bytes)This photo shows one way to repair a rusted out headlamp panel. The repair panel for the wing front is available from the Club, as is the headlamp ring. This job was done a number of years ago, and the job was completely successful.

This photograph was taken by my wife, Susan, and from all the hundreds and hundreds of photos I took, this one was used by Frost Auto Restoration to appear in their catalogue...!!!

Remember to fit a new PLASTIC headlamp bowl instead of a metal one. With some extra protection to the headlamp ring and wing repair, you won't need to do the job again!

cort002.jpg (176911 bytes)A badly rusted out lower front panel and some previous repair work around the headlamp on the left-hand-side. On the next page, repairs to the valance are shown in some detail.

This is an "early" car where the grille does not wrap around the sidelamps. It is also a 1500 as the radiator clearly shows above the level of the scuttle.

This car is carefully positioned on axle stands at the front, while the rear is up on axle ramps.

This was my go-to-work car for several years and has been in the garage now for over ten years. Work is much further advanced than this...!!!

cort010.jpg (423144 bytes) This repair shows a new headlamp ring welded onto the front of a new wing. You can also see a lot of repair work underneath the ring.

A considerable amount of work has been done to weld in some metal below the headlamp ring -- from the left side, right round to the right side. The photo should be clear enough to show the welds.

Once the welding was done, a new 80 grit disk was fitted to an angle-grinder and all the welds ground down flush.

When you are satisfied with the results of the grinding, check again to see if any further welding work is needed.

When all welding work is complete, and all grinding is done, finish off the repair with plastic body filler, or lead (if you know how to lead-load!)

On this car (an "early") the sidelamps mount straight onto the body, using the two fasteners which you can just make out in the photo. On later cars, (with "square" sidelamps) there is a metal assembly behind the front panel. If this assembly rusts away you may have some problems, as the repair panels are quite expensive. See next photo.

cort011.jpg (115640 bytes)These are the repair panels which are fitted on the "late" cars to support the sidelamp panels. You could try to make them yourself, but they are quite "fiddly" to make.

Note that there are two of them. They are "handed" so there is a left side one and a right side one. Make sure you get the correct side!

cort012.jpg (146040 bytes)This is the front wing/ headlamp repair panel shown in the above photographs. Note that it is marked in marker pen on the top o/s (off -side) as they are "handed" so make sure you order and receive the correct one.

Enough on the headlamps. Let's move on the to lower front panel:-



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