The Discworld Cake
Made for my daughter’s wedding.
Just your basic iced and marzipanned fruit cake to begin - made in a wide oval bowl.  The head and front flippers are shaped from fruit cake and covered with marzipan. Basic food colours applied.
Wire frames and dowels to support the elephants, to be moulded in marzipan.  
The dowels will support the Disc.
The elephants are modelled and added to the turtle’s back.  Tusks are made from white fondant icing
The Disc landmasses are cut from rolled fondant icing, with topographical features moulded in marzipan.  These are positioned on a round cake board.
Landmasses are coloured, and the seas are added by “flooding” the low areas with blue liquid icing............. produce the appropriate continent shapes.  At the edge, a black marzipan bevel collar is attached so that the liquid icing produces the Rimfall effect.
The main board is covered in a thin layer of black marzipan, and the turtle is given a coating of metallic colours, with dark cratering effects added. Finally the Disc is positioned on top of the elephants.  A wire arc is inserted through the Rimfall collar, to produce an orbital path for the Sun and Moon.