Dinghy Multi-Boat Trailer Ranges

Where two or more boats need to be carried at one time, multi-boat trailers are the solution. Some of the trailers listed below are the launch trolleys from the combination trailer range to support the dinghy and hence the trolleys will be necessary to enable the trailer to be used and hence need to be budgeted for.

Double Optimist Trailer With Storage Box

This rack system is based on a conventional 6x4 box trailer with the racks removable to enable the trailer to be used in a conventional manor when not being used to carry boats. As the trailer can be used for general purpose work, it is recommended that the gross weight of the trailer is chosen to be able to carry the loads it may be used for. The rack may be used as a stand alone rack when the trailer is being used for other purposes. The rack has a set of tube/spar supports on one side. The boats are raised slightly from the trailer to enable easy access to the box when the boats are loaded. A lockable steel lid is available as an alternative to the canvas cover.

Double Topper Trailer With Storage Box

This trailer has an extended drawbar to enable the boats to be loaded far enough forward on the trailer to ensure the correct balance of the trailer when loaded. The rack is specifically designed to support the topper boats at the points of maximum strength. Optomists can also be carried on this trailer up side down. There is a support on one side for a tube, and on the other side a hoop for carrying spars.

Six Boat Topper Trailer

The trailer was designed in conjunction with Topper International to carry six topper dinghies and come complete with a storage box located at the front of the trailer to carry the rudder, sails and dagger boards. The mast and booms are carried on the side racks.

The use of rollers ensures that the boats are as easy as possible to load onto the trailer, and the general geometry of the trailer means that the tying down of the boats is quick and easy needing as few straps as possible.

Six Boat Optimist Trailer

Designed to carry six optimist dinghies on their transoms. The large central storage box enables all the rudders, dagger boards and spars to be stored and in a safe way.

Six Boat Laser Trailer

Designed to carry 6 Laser dinghies four horizontally in the centre of the trailer and two on their sides on the sides of the trailer. There is an optional storage box similar to the 6 boat optimist trailer box which locates on the front of the trailer for storage. The rollers at the rear of the trailer help the easy loading of boats onto the trailer.

Professional Multi Boat Trailers

For the professional boat transportation Mersea Trailers manufacture various sizes of multi boat trailers with winch up decks, ranging from three boat to six boat versions. Above is a photo of Tony Ainsworth's trailer carrying 6 49er boats all on Mersea Trolleys. The latest designs can accommodate a large variety of boats on their launch trolleys and on road bases on the bottom deck. Electric winches are available as an option.

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