Distillation of Rum


Distilling fermented sugar and water makes rum, and its fraternal twin, cane spirit. This sugar comes from the sugar cane and is fermented from cane juice, concentrated cane juice, or molasses. Molasses is the sweet, sticky residue that remains after sugar cane juice is boiled and the crystallised sugar is extracted.


Most Rum is made from molasses. Molasses is over fifty per cent sugar, but it also contains significant amounts of minerals and other trace elements, which can contribute to the final flavour. Rums made from cane juice, primarily on Haiti and Martinique, have a naturally smooth palate.


Depending on the recipe, the "wash" (the cane juice, or molasses and water) is fermented, using either cultured yeast or airborne wild yeasts, for a period ranging from 24 hours for light Rums up to several weeks for heavy, full varieties.


Rum is distilled in the manner described above. The choice of stills does, however, have a profound effect on the final character of Rum. All Rums come out of the still as clear, colourless spirits. Barrel aging and the use of added caramel determine their final colour. Since caramel is burnt sugar, it can be truthfully said that only natural colouring agents are used.


Lighter Rums are highly rectified (purified and blended) and are produced in column or continuous stills, after which they are usually charcoal-filtered and sometimes aged in old oak casks for a few months to add a degree of smoothness. Most light Rums have minimal flavours and aroma, and are very similar to Vodka, particularly those brands that have been charcoal-filtered. Heavier Rums are usually distilled in pot stills; similar to those used to produce Cognacs and Scotch whiskies. Pot stills are less "efficient" than column stills and some congeners (fuel oils and other flavour elements) are carried over with the alcohol. There are a number of brands of Rum that are made by blending pot and column distilled Rums in a manner similar to Armagnac production.


Classifications of Rum


White Rums are generally light-bodied (although there are a few heavy-bodied White Rums in the French islands). They are usually clear and have a very subtle flavour profile. If they are aged in oak casks to create a smooth palate they are then usually filtered to remove any colour. White Rums are primarily used as mixers and blend particularly well with fruit flavours.


Golden Rums also known as Amber Rums are generally medium-bodied. Most have spent several years aging in oak casks, which give them smooth, mellow palates.


Dark Rums are traditionally full-bodied, rich, caramel-dominated Rums. The best are produced mostly from pot stills and frequently aged in oak casks for extended periods. The richest of these Rums are consumed straight up.


Spiced Rums can be white, golden, or dark Rums. They are infused with spices or fruit flavours. Rum punches (such as planter’s punch) are blends of Rum and fruit juices that are very popular in the Caribbean.


Añejo and Age-Dated Rums are aged Rums from different vintages or batches that are mixed together to insure a continuity of flavour in brands of Rum from year to year. Some aged Rums will give age statements stating the youngest Rum in the blend (e.g., 10-year-old Rum contains a blend of Rums that are at least 10 years old). A small number of French island Rums are Vintage Dated.


Rum Regions


The Caribbean is the epicentre of world Rum production. Virtually every major island group produces its own distinct Rum style.



Barbados produces light, sweetish Rums from both pot and column stills. Rum distillation began here at the Mount Gay Distillery, dating from 1663, is probably the oldest operating Rum producer in the world. Production dates from British planters who were aware of the product's commercial potential. In 1670, a Captain Price planted sugar cane on a 175 acre estate when blight ruined his entire crop of cocoa trees. 70 years later, in 1741, his grandson was producing 3,000 gallons of rum yearly. By 1776, at the time of the American Revolution, his production was up to nearly 16,000 gallons and accounted for about 14 of his estate's revenue (the remainder coming from sugar). In the London market, it was known as "Barbados water" and was more highly regarded, along with the Jamaican rums, than any other rums (18 century). All Barbados rum was pot distilled until 1926 when the first continuous still was installed.



Home of the Dark 'n Stormy. Bermuda's "national drink" had its start in the highly successful ginger beer factory run as a subsidiary to the Royal Naval Officer's Club. It wasn't long before it was discovered that a splash of the local black rum was just what the piquant ginger beer was missing. The name is said to have originated when an old sailor, holding aloft the thunderhead in a glass, observed that the drink was the "colour of a cloud only a fool or a dead man would sail under". Gosling's Black Seal Rum and the establishment of the Gosling family in Bermuda began long ago. In the spring of 1806 James Gosling, the oldest son of William Gosling, wine and spirits merchant, set out from Gravesend, Kent, England on the ship Mercury, with £10,000 of merchandise, bound for America. After ninety one desperate days on becalmed seas their charter ran out, and they put in at the nearest port, St. George's, Bermuda. Rather than pressing on for America, James opened a shop on the King's Parade, St. George's, in December 1806.



Cuba produces light-bodied, crisp, clean Rums from column stills. Cuba was the original home of Bacardi, the world's largest selling spirits brand. The Bacardi family left after the revolution and relocated to Puerto Rico. It is column distilled and light-bodied. The sugar cane and rum industry really got its start with the revolution in Haiti towards the end of the 18th century. At that time, Haiti had the most important sugar industry in the world and the unrest opened the door to others. By 1848, there were three modern distilleries in Cuba and continued development of the product led to a new style of rum, light Cuban rum (by the middle of the 19th century). It was a product very much in tune with changing tastes in drinking. Cuba has often been called the "Isle of Rum", due to a combination of world famous sugar cane, a favourable Caribbean climate, fertile soil and the unique know-how of Cuban "Maestro Roneros" (master rum-makers). Sugar cane was brought to Cuba by Christopher Columbus who discovered the island on his first voyage to the Americas in 1492. He did not carry sugar cane on his first voyage of discovery, but actually hand carried it as cargo on his return to the "West Indies" a year later in 1493. The cane, which had originally come to Spain from the Far East, grew far better in Cuba's tropical climate. It soon became the island's main crop, making the Cuban planters very rich, and arousing the interest of American sugar planters in the Southern States, leading ultimately to US intervention in the Cuban war of independence from Spain. When the United States aided Cuba in their struggle for independence from Spain, the American soldiers brought a new drink to the island, Coca Cola. The story is that, one afternoon in 1898, an American lieutenant, after ordering a rum, noticed some other officers drinking Coca Cola. He thought to mix his rum with some Coca Cola, everyone liked it and they christened it a 'Cuba Libre' in honour of the newly won independence of Cuba. (1898).


The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is notable for its full-bodied, aged Rums from column stills.

Due to its close geographic proximity to Cuba many Cubans fled here before Castro seized power bringing with them a taste for their favourite rum. Today the rums produced in the Dominican Republic closely mimic the Cuban rum for which that island is famous. All of the distilleries utilize molasses from the sugar industry but differences in fermentation, aging and blending yield results which deserve to be tasted.



Guyana is justly famous for its rich, heavy Demerara Rums, named for a local river, which are produced from both pot and column stills. Demerara Rums can be aged for extended periods (30-year-old varieties are on the market) and are frequently used for blending with lighter Rums from other regions. Neighbouring Surinam and French Guyana produce similar full-bodied Rums.




Haiti follows the French tradition of heavier Rums that are double distilled in pot stills and aged in oak casks for three or more years to produce full-flavoured, exceptionally smooth- tasting Rums. Haiti also still has an extensive underground moonshine industry that supplies the voodoo religious ritual trade. Sugarcane juice is used rather than molasses. The best known product is Barbancourt. Louis Barbancourt, an immigrant from Bordeaux, France, bought a sugar plantation in 1765; it was called then, and still is, Habitation Barbancourt. The slave rebellion, inspired by the revolution in the ruling country, France, came at the turn of the century and resulted in the independent state of Haiti in the western half of the island of Hispaniola (the Dominican Republic occupies the other half). Barbancourt somehow survived the Slave Revolt of 1802 and, in fact, thrived, because the freed Africans proved to be much better customers than they had ever been as slaves. Within 100 years, the inhabitants of Haiti became the biggest rum drinkers in the Caribbean. It is said that the excellence of the Haitian rum was a result of the traditional French skill in distilling brandies. The spirits were double pot distilled, just as in cognac.



Jamaica is well known for its rich, aromatic Rums, most of which are produced in pot stills. Jamaica has official classifications of Rum, ranging from light to very full-flavoured. The best known Jamaican rum is Appleton’s . The distinguishing characteristic of Jamaica rum is its full body and pungent flavour. The very dark colour is not natural, but comes from caramel. Jamaican law stipulates that colouring can only be done with sugar-based ingredients. Interestingly, one of the famous Jamaican rums, Appleton, uses caramel obtained in London. Appleton Estate is the oldest and most famous of all of Jamaica's sugar estates. It is nestled in the fertile Nassau Valley on either side of the Black River in the Southwest of Jamaica.

The origins of Appleton Estate date back to 1655 when the English captured Jamaica from the Spaniards. Frances Dickinson, whose grandsons Caleb and Ezekiel were the earliest known owners of the Appleton Estate, took part in that conquest of Jamaica, and it is believed that Appleton Estate was part of the land grant that Dickinson received as reward for his services.



Martinique is a French island with the largest number of distilleries in the Eastern Caribbean. Both pot and column stills are used. As on other French islands such as Guadeloupe, both rhum agricole (made from sugar cane juice) and rhum industriel (made from molasses) are produced. These Rums are frequently aged in used French brandy casks for a minimum of three years. Rhum vieux (aged Rum) is frequently compared to high-quality French brandies. Martinique was called upon by France to increase their rum production when a series of disasters struck the wine and brandy industry. First the vine disease oidium hit the brandy distillers between 1853 and 1857, followed by the even deadlier phylloxera. In 1891, brandy production in France was less than one-tenth of what it was in 1880. With this impetus, the rum industry in the French colonies increased rapidly. By the time the volcano Montagne Pelée erupted around the beginning of the 20th century, Martinique was producing more rum for export than any other island in the West Indies. This disaster resulted in the destruction of every distillery in the rum capital, Saint Pierre, along with about 30,000 people. By the time W.W.I came along, production had increased substantially and the war boosted production even more. Rum for the troops was needed and the production of France's own distilleries was down.


Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is known primarily for light, very dry Rums from column stills. All white Puerto Rican Rums must, by law, be aged a minimum of one year while dark Rums must be aged three years. Home of Bacardi and the world's largest producer of rum. It is column distilled and is the prototypical light rum although Bacardi now makes a full range of rum styles. Bacardi is today also produced in Mexico, the Bahamas, and Spain. Don Sebastian Serralles emigrated from Catalonia in Spain to Puerto Rico in the early 19th century and went into the sugar plantation business. His son, Juan, with other members of the family, expanded the estate following Don Sebastians death and, in 1865, bought a pot still and began making rum - the first "Don Q", in honour of the legendary Don Quixote. In 1903, they installed the first continuous still in Puerto Rico.



Trinidad produces mainly light Rums from column stills and has an extensive export trade.


The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands, which are divided between the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands, both produce light, mixing Rums from column stills. These Rums, and those of nearby Grenada, also serve as the base for bay Rum, a classic aftershave lotion.


Guatemala and Nicaragua

Guatemala and Nicaragua are noteworthy in Central America where a variety of primarily medium-bodied Rums from column stills that lend themselves well to aging. They have recently begun to gain international recognition



Brazil produces vast quantities of mostly light Rums from column stills with un-aged cane spirit called Cachaça (ca·sha·sa) the best-known example.



Located on the southern shore of the Caribbean Sea, Venezuela is a diverse geographic and cultural region. Sugar cane gave way to petroleum in the 1960s but rum continues to be a significant export. Like the geography and culture of the country itself, Venezuelan rum varies considerably. Though the bulk of the production is a very light character distillate, which is sold around the world as a blending component, there are also a number of medium bodied aged rums which deserve attention. In addition to the attention to detail at the distilleries, Venezuelan law requires that all rum bottled in Venezuela be aged at least two years, one of the longest aging laws in the industry. Venezuela makes a number of well-respected barrel-aged golden and dark Rums.


The United States

The United States has a handful of Rum distilleries in the south, producing a range of light and medium-bodied Rums that are generally marketed with Caribbean-themed names.



Canada’s 300-year-old tradition of trading Rum for dried Cod continues in the Atlantic Maritime provinces of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia where golden Rums from Antigua, Barbados, and Jamaica are imported and aged for five years. The resulting hearty Rum is known locally as Screech.



Europe is primarily a blender of imported Rums. Both the United Kingdom and France import Rums from their former colonies in the Caribbean for aging and bottling. Heavy, dark Jamaican Rums are imported into Germany and mixed with neutral spirit at a 1:19 ratio to produce Rum verschnitt. A similar product in Austria is called Inlander Rum.



Australia produces a substantial amount of white and golden Rums in a double- distillation method utilizing both column and pot stills. Rum is the second most popular alcoholic beverage in the country after beer. Light Rums are also produced on some of the islands in the South Pacific such as Fiji and Tahiti. Bundaberg is Australia’s most famous rum. It took twenty years from settlement in 1860 before Bundaberg made its name as Australia's sugar centre. Commercial sugar cane production began in 1872 and by the 1880's the area was experiencing a sugar boom with two dozen crushing mills in operation. Kanaks, brought from islands in the South Seas, alleviated the shortage of labour in the mills and in the fields. Bullock drays, a mainstay of rural Australia in the 1800's, transported the precious molasses to the distillery. 1888 saw The Bundaberg Distilling Company incorporated - in 1889 the distillery produced its first rum, a total of 22,500 gallons. In 1892 the Waterview sugar mill started its own distillery, in direct competition to the Bundaberg Distillery; however it was destroyed by floods in 1903. On February 7 1907, the Bundaberg Distillery burnt down. It was soon rebuilt to supply rum to the Australian troops in WW1. Fire once more, in 1936 devastated the distillery. Fortunately, it was insured and within three years the factory was rebuilt and production of the famous Bundaberg rum resumed. During the Second World War, the Australian Government took all rum stocks for the armed forces, the Royal Navy and the American Military. In the 1950's, The Bundaberg Distilling Company sold all its rum in barrels, over proof, to agents who bottled the rum with their own labels. In 1961, the company took greater control of the precious product and awarded the sole rights to the marketing of Bundaberg rum outside Queensland to Australian Rum Distillers. Sam McMahon developed the distinctive square bottle and put the now famous bear on the label.


Asian Rums tend to follow regional sugar cane production, with white and golden Rums from column stills being produced primarily in the Philippines and Thailand.


Rum: Its History and Significance


The history of Rum is the history of sugar. Sugar is a sweet crystalline carbohydrate that occurs naturally in a variety of plants. One of those is the sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum), a tall, thick grass that has its origins in the islands of present-day Indonesia in the East Indies. Chinese traders spread its cultivation to Asia and on to India. Arabs in turn brought it to the Middle East and North Africa where it came to the attention of Europeans during the Crusades in the 11th century.


As the Spanish and Portuguese began to venture out into the Atlantic Ocean, they planted sugar cane in the Canary and Azore Islands. In 1493 Christopher Columbus picked up cane cuttings from the Canaries while on his second voyage to the Americas and transplanted them to Hispaniola, the island in the Caribbean that is now shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Portuguese explorers soon did likewise in Brazil.


The Caribbean basin proved to have an ideal climate for growing sugar cane, and sugar production quickly spread around the islands. The insatiable demand in Europe for sugar soon led to the establishment of hundreds of sugar cane plantations and mills in the various English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Dutch colonies. These mills crushed the harvested cane and extracted the juice. Boiling this juice caused chunks of crystallized sugar to form. The remaining un-solidified juice was called melazas (from"miel," the Spanish word for honey); in English this became molasses.


Molasses is sticky syrup that still contains a significant amount of sugar. Sugar mill operators soon noticed that when it was mixed with water and left out in the sun it would ferment. By the 1650s this former waste product was being distilled into a spirit. In the English colonies it was called Kill Devil (from its tendency to cause a nasty hangover or its perceived medicinal power, take your choice) or rumbullion (origins uncertain), which was shortened over the years to our modern word Rum. The French render this word as rhum, while the Spanish call it ron.


Locally, Rum was used as cure-all for many of the aches and pains that afflicted those living in the tropics. Sugar plantation owners also sold it, at discounted prices, to naval ships that were on station in the Caribbean in order to encourage their presence in local waters and thus discourage the attentions of marauding pirates. The British navy adopted a daily ration of a half-pint of one hundred and sixty proof Rum by the 1730s. This ration was subsequently modified by mixing it with equal amounts of water, which produced a drink called grog. The grog ration remained a staple of British naval life until 1970. This naval-Rum connection introduced Rum to the outside world and by the late 17th century a thriving export trade developed. The British islands shipped Rum to Great Britain (where it was mixed into Rum punches and replaced gin as the dominant spirit in the 18th century) and to the British colonies in North America where it became very popular. This export of Rum to North America, in exchange for New England lumber and dried cod (still a culinary staple in the Caribbean) soon changed over to the export of molasses to distilleries in New England. This was done in order to avoid laws from the British parliament, which protected British distillers by forbidding the trade in spirits directly between colonies. This law was, at best, honoured in the breech, and smuggling soon became rampant.

The shipping of molasses to make Rum in New England distilleries became part of the infamous "slavery triangle." The first leg was the shipment of molasses to New England to make Rum. The second leg was the shipment of Rum to the ports of West Africa to trade for slaves. The final leg was the passage of slave ships to the sugar plantations of the Caribbean and South America where many of the slaves were put to work in the sugar cane fields.


The disruption of trade caused by the American Revolution and the rise of whiskey production in North America resulted in the slow decline of Rum’s dominance as the American national tipple. Rum production in the United States slowly decreased through the 19th century, with the last New England Rum distilleries closing at the advent of National Prohibition in 1920. The famed rumrunners of the Prohibition era were primarily smuggling whiskey into the United States.


In Europe the invention of sugar extraction from the sugar beet lessened the demand for Caribbean sugar, reducing the amount of molasses being produced and the resulting amount of Rum being distilled. Many small plantations and their stills were closed. Rum production receded, for the most part, to countries where sugar cane was grown.


The modern history of Rum owes a lot to the spread of air conditioning and the growth of tourism. In the second half of the 20th century, modern air conditioning made it possible for large numbers of people to migrate to warm-weather regions where Rum remained the dominant spirit. Additionally, the explosive increase in the number of North American and European tourists into Rum-drinking regions lead to a steady rise in the popularity of Rum-based mixed drinks. Nowadays White Rum gives Vodka serious competition as the mixer of choice in a number of distinctively non-tropical markets.

Aged Rums are gaining new standing among consumers of single malt Scotch whiskies, Armagnacs, and small-batch Bourbons who are learning to appreciate the subtle complexities of these Rums. The pot still Rums of Guyana and Jamaica have a particular appeal for Scotch whisky drinkers, while the subtle and complex rhums of Martinique and Guadeloupe mirror the flavour profiles of the top French brandies in Cognac and Armagnac.


Pusser's Rum in Great Britain's Royal Navy


For well over 300 years, Great Britain's Royal Navy issued a daily "tot" of Pusser's Rum to the crews of their ships - and always a double issue before battle and after victory! First introduced into the Navy in 1655 as a substitute for beer, by 1731, it was in general use.


And the name Pusser's? Nothing more than a corruption of the word "purser". On board ship, the purser was responsible for ship's stores - including the rum. Everything that came from the purser was called "Pusser's" and still is today. Hence the name Pusser's Rum!


The history of rum in Great Britain's Royal Navy was largely that of social change, both in England and the Royal Navy. From 1650 throughout the 18th century, shipboard life was incredibly difficult. The daily issue of Pusser's Rum was the highlight of the day. Then, too in those days, battles were fought "eyeball-to-eyeball". The mental alertness and courage required to pack a cannonball into a muzzle loader were far different from that required to operate the modern weapon systems of today. Thus in 1970, the Admiralty Board decreed that there was no place for the daily issue of rum in a modern navy, and so ended the daily issue of Pusser's Rum in the Royal Navy on July31st,1970. This date since then is referred to "Black Tot Day". The rum issue, one of the longest and unbroken traditions in seafaring history, ended as the last tot of Pusser's was drunk on board Their Majesties Ships. "Round the world" in every ship of the Navy, glasses were raised in their final salute. 'The Queen'!", they said, and it's no exaggeration to say that at that moment many a strong man shed a tear at the passing of a tradition so old and fine, that was to be no more.

On the Origin of "Grog" and Vernon's Orders


Over the centuries, the amount of rum changed from time to time. Prior to 1740, Pusser's Rum was issued to the men neat that is without water. They received 1/2-pint twice daily! Admiral Vernon the hero of Portobello and the Commander-in-Chief, West Indies Station was very much concerned with what he called the swinish vice of drunkenness which he believed was caused by the men drinking their daily allowance of rum neat. He believed that if the same amount of rum was mixed with water, and then consumed that it would reduce drunkenness and discipline problems for which the punishment could be brutal. Thus he issued his infamous Order to Captains No. 349 on August 21, 1740. His order stated that the daily allowance of rum "be every day mixed with the proportion of a quart of water to a half pint of rum, to be mixed in a scuttled butt kept for that purpose, and to be done upon the deck, and in the presence of the Lieutenant of the Watch who is to take particular care to see that the men are not defrauded in having their full allowance of rum... and let those that are good husband men receive extra lime juice and sugar that it be made more palatable to them."

The sailors or "Jack Tars" had affectionately nicknamed Admiral Vernon "Old Grog" from the "grogram" cloak he often wore on the quarter deck. The watered rum gave great offence to the men, and soon they began referring to it contemptuously as "Grog" from the name they'd already provided Admiral Vernon. Thus, true Grog is Pusser's Rum and water with lime juice and sugar!


The "scuttled butt" in Vernon's Order eventually became the "Grog Tub" from which the daily Grog was issued. Petty Officers received their Pusser's Rum 'neat' directly from the Spirit Room at 1100 hours daily when the bos'n piped "Up Spirits!" to herald the event. The issue of Grog to the rest of the sailors followed one hour later.


Changes in the Issue


The ration - or tot - was later increased to two parts water and one part rum, and in 1756, the daily ration of Pusser's Rum was increased to one pint per day, per man. Finally, just before the tot ritual ended in 1970, it was reduced to one-eighth pint.


Over the more than 300 years that Pusser's Rum was issued on board ships of the Royal Navy, a whole litany of special terminology grew up around it. Pusser's Rum became a form of currency, a way to pay off old debts or to reward a shipmate for a favour. Even card games were played for rum. Pusser's Rum had a value that was defined by such terms as "a wet", "sipper", "gulper" and "sandy bottoms", all used to define the amount.


Stalwart men, like Chief Petty Officer Frank Reynolds kept the vital sea lanes open during the Battle of the Atlantic of World War II. The highlight of each man's day was the issue of their daily tot of Pusser's Rum. When the Royal Navy finally abolished the rum issue, many of the old salts took early retirement and never returned.


The Pusser's Rum tradition is still alive. In 1979, Charles Tobias–entrepreneur, global sailor, raconteur–sought to resurrect the Pusser's Rum tradition. He obtained the rights and all the blending information from the Admiralty and formed Pusser's Ltd. on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands and began bottling and selling this storied spirit in 1980 to the public for the first time. (Prior to then, it was restricted to the Royal Navy). British Navy Pusser's Rum is the same Admiralty blend of five West Indian rums as issued on board British warships, and it is with the Admiralty's blessing and approval that Pusser's is now available to the consumer.


The Royal Navy Sailor's Fund, a naval charity more commonly called the "Tot Fund" receives a substantial donation from the sale of each bottle of British Navy Pusser's Rum. Aside from the fund's original bequest, the Pusser's contribution has become the fund's largest source of income.


Traditional Royal Navy Toasts

In the early days, up until about 1900, the officers also received rum. In the Ward Room of the Officers’ Quarters, the daily dinner ritual (at noon) was to toast the reigning monarch, which was then followed by the toast of the day. This ritual is still in effect. The toasts are:

Monday: Our ships at sea.
Tuesday: Our men.
Wednesday: Ourselves.
Thursday: A bloody war and quick promotion.
Friday: A willing soul and sea room.
Saturday: Sweethearts and wives, may they never meet.
Sunday: Absent friends and those at sea.


The Battle of Trafalgar and the Origins of Nelson’s Blood


The Battle of Trafalgar was fought on October 21st, 1805 off Cape Trafalgar, near Cadiz, Spain. The two most powerful fleets in the world engaged to decide who would master the waves, Britannia or Bonaparte with his Spanish allies. Shortly before engaging the enemy, as these two great fleets approached one another, Nelson hoisted his now famous flag signal to his British Fleet: "ENGLAND EXPECTS THAT EVERY MAN WILL DO HIS DUTY". From the quarterdeck of his mighty British flagship, HMS VICTORY, England's most gifted Admiral commanded a fleet of twenty-seven warships. Although outnumbered, by executing some brilliant new tactics, he smashed through the line of battle of the thirty-three French and Spanish vessels under Vice Admiral Villeneuve, dividing them into three segments.


Nelson led from HMS VICTORY with his friend and flag captain, Captain Hardy. With more than 100 guns and eight hundred members of crew, HMS VICTORY bore down on the French Flagship, REDOUBTABLE - and Nelson hoisted another signal "ENGAGE THE ENEMY MORE CLOSELY"! Cannon fire, grapeshot, musket balls and deadly splinters of oak destroyed all in their path. VICTORY'S wheel was smashed to pieces, while Nelson with his ship's officers calmly paced up and down in clear view of the enemy. John Scott (Nelson's secretary) was sliced in two by a cannon ball. His blood soaked the sandy deck and his body parts were thrown over the side. Hardy's silver buckle was torn from his left shoe. "This is too warm work Hardy, to last long" Nelson exclaimed.


The attack is pressed home as the British breach their enemies' line of battle. The ships are raked with gunfire at close quarters, masts and rigging fall, VICTORY and REDOUBTABLE, the two opposing flagships, are so close that their rigging entangles side by side as they exchange point blank gunfire. Hardy turns to see Nelson fall to the deck on the exact spot where Scott was killed. The gold bullion is torn from Nelson's epaulette; he has been shot through the left shoulder. His spine is broken and he knows he will not survive the fight.


In the heat of battle in those days, it was customary to throw the mortally wounded and the dead over the side. Captain Hardy had Nelson carried below where he expired three hours later with the knowledge that he had won a great victory at Trafalgar.


Nineteen of the enemy had been sunk or captured; not a single British ship was lost. HMS VICTORY put into Gibraltar for repairs where legend has it that Nelson's body was placed in a large cask of rum (Pusser’s) to preserve it for the long voyage back to England. Upon arrival, the cask was opened and Nelson's preserved body removed. But the rum was almost gone. The jack tars (sailors) had drilled a small hole at the base of the cask through which they drained most of the rum, thereby drinking Nelson's Blood. Since then, the term Nelson's Blood has become synonymous with rum and is still in wide use today, especially with those having connections to the Royal Navy.


France and Spain never recovered from their disastrous defeat by Nelson. But the greatest battle in British naval history was won at a high price with the lost limbs and lives of naval officers, sailors, marines, and England's brightest son, the audacious Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson only in his Forty-seventh year.


The Rums


10 Cane (Trinidad)



Drawing upon the expertise of Moet Hennessy Master Distillers at each stage of the production, 10 Cane is the result of a three-year process. Created from the first pressing of virgin sugar cane, the purest, most flavourful juice, 10 Cane is produced on Trinidad Island, the perfect place to grow sugar cane because of the quality of its soil and the abundance of sunlight. To create an unrivalled rum tasting experience, 10 Cane is made from sugar canes that are specifically grown to make rum, not sugar. It uses small batch distillation in French pot stills, the best available in the world, and is aged for about six months into French oak barrels. Why 10 Cane? Traditionally sugar canes were harvested in bundles of ten in Trinidad. It also recalls the number of perfection according to Pythagoras. Lightly golden colour with aromas of pear and a hint of vanilla that are typical of sugar cane, 10 Cane tastes like a perfect harmony between the lively flavours of fresh sugar cane with a hint of sweetness. On the palate 10 Cane is beautifully balanced, smooth with a velvety texture. The finish is extraordinarily long, with primary notes of sugar cane and oak.


Abuelo Anejo 5yr Old (Panama)



Golden amber. Creamy vanilla and toasted coconut and custard aromas. A soft and very supple entry leads to an off-dry medium body of crème brulee, dried fruit, milk chocolate and delicate cola nut flavours. Finishes with a long toffee and sweet spice fade. An instantly appealing dark rum.


Abuelo Anejo 7yr Old (Panama)



Amber. Sweet, dried tropical fruit, caramel, and dried tobacco nose. A voluptuous, soft entry leads to an off-dry, medium-to full-bodied palate with sweet tropical fruits, sugar cane, tobacco, and spice. Finishes with a long fruity fade of spice, mocha, and nuts with a touch of lacquer. Very tasty and in a lighter vein.


Abuelo 12yr Old Gran Reserva (Panama)



Abuelo 12 Años Gran Reserva affirms its long aging in oak barrels by its dark amber colour.  Pulling the cork stopper out of the bottle, my anticipation piqued, as I instantly recognized the sweet scents of vanilla and oak. After a few moments taking in the richness of the dark colour I was drawn in by the intensely desirable fragrance that exuded from the glass, almost teasing me to try it. Aromas of vanilla and oak as mentioned before but then caramel (like a Werther's Original sweet), toffee, and leather are followed by fresh coconut and soft pecan nuttiness.  The focus turns toward that first taste. A buttery soft entry with smooth chocolate and vanilla flavours, reveals a medium-full body that envelopes your tongue. Mid palate still smooth but slightly warm and interwoven flavours of wood, toffee, leather, and vanilla are joined by a little peppery spice. The long finish balances sweet and spicy with a long oak fade.


Abuelo Centurio Reserva de la Familia (Panama)



Unmistakably Abuelo in character, only smoother, richer, milder.  It is Panamanian throughout; exquisite, heavy bodied, sweet, endowed with deep flavour.  Centuria is distilled from molasses, aged in white oak barrels that formerly held Jack Daniels Kentucky whiskey, then bended in a textbook solera method, and include some of Varela Hermanos’ oldest stocks.  The dark walnut brown colour is testament to the aging process. Close your eyes and sniff, you can almost smell the hand labour that went into distilling, aging, and blending this heady rum.  Intoxicatingly heavy, dense, sweet aromas of oak-soaked aged rum, vanilla and caramel, balanced with molasses leather, tobacco, nuts and candied fruit, then finally lesser scents of spice and smoke emerge.  The initial taste is every bit as delectable and complex as suggested by the aromas, with just enough of Abuelo’s typical edge to pique your interest.  Unquestionably full bodied, Centuria coats your tongue with sweet flavour ending with an extremely smooth, firm and dry texture that lingers with caramel, while a bit of leather add substance to the finish.


Admiral Rodney Extra Old (St Lucia)



The rum is named after the British naval officer responsible for the victory against France at the Battle of the Saintes on April 9, 1782. Admiral Rodney is a deep amber coloured rum resulting from its time maturing in Bourbon Oak. This also contributes to the aromas of brown sugar and lightly toasted oak. Slightly sweet, nearly tart and a bit earthly on the nose, almost like raspberry or black cherry with a hint of almond and vanilla. Flavours of very light brown sugar, caramel and alcohol reveal themselves cleanly, with warmth in the mouth and leaving with a nice long semi-sweet, off-dry finish. Ultimately, Admiral Rodney strikes a nice balance between dry and sweet.


Angostura 1824 (Trinidad & Tobago)



Angostura 1824 Limited Reserve Rum is a truly luxurious blend. The rums used in the blend are taken from select casks of mature, continuous-distilled rums aged for a minimum of 12 years in charred American oak bourbon barrels. The rums are skilfully hand-blended in small batches and then re-casked. When the rum has reached its optimum maturity, it is then hand-drawn, filtered and hand-bottled. The rum is mahogany in colour. The nose is dominated by wood, seasoned and highly polished with a hint of incense. It is smooth and silky on the palate lots of spice and vanilla. The finish again is dominated by wood and spice. This rum is not for the faint hearted the Laphroaig of the rum world, love it or hate it.


Angostura 1919 (Trinidad & Tobago)



Angostura 1919 Rum is a blend of light and heavy, molasses-based rums aged for a minimum of 8 years in charred American oak bourbon barrels. The rum has an old gold colour. The nose has sweet caramel, vanilla, coconut and mild phenol aromas. A soft round start leads to an off-dry medium-bodied palate with caramel, dark roasted nuts, pepper, spice, and smoke flavours. Finishes with a long, sweet, toffee and brown spice fade with a light touch of smoky woodiness. A smooth, elegant, lightly-styled sipping rum.


Angostura Butterfly Reserve 3yr  (Trinidad & Tobago)



Angostura 3yr old white rum is supple and luxurious. It benefits from having been aged in charred American oak bourbon barrels for a minimum of three years. It is then filtered twice, which provides it with its pristine clarity. Clear with an almost platinum glimmer. Burnt banana and charcoal aromas have a sharp scent of miasma. An unexpected soft hit leads to a round almost dry, medium- bodied palate, burnt sugar, molasses, and pepper spice. Finishes with a hot pepper and burnt caramel reduction. Very interesting.


Angostura Butterfly 5yr (Trinidad & Tobago)



Angostura 5yr old Rum is a blend of light and heavy, molasses based, continuous distilled rums, which are aged in charred American oak barrels for a minimum of 5 years. The rum has an old gold colour. The nose has mild butter and caramel aromas. A vigorous start, but light bodied. A toffee flavour is prominent at first with a hint of shellac and spice flavours. Finishes with sweet quick caramel fade.


Angostura Butterfly 7yr (Trinidad & Tobago)



Angostura Butterfly 7yr old is a blend of light and heavy rums distilled in Angostura's five-column continuous still. The rum is aged in American oak barrels for between seven and ten years. After ageing, the rum is lightly filtered through charcoal to remove impurities, but not so that it alters the inherently rich flavour or the dark, wood induced colour. After blending it is returned to barrel to allow the blend to marry. The rum has a deep mahogany colour. The nose has molasses coffee and brown spice aromas. Medium bodied palate with roasted nuts, more coffee, and mild varnish flavours. Very nice long finish, reminiscent of treacle, rich cinnamon and spice. Found this dark rum most exciting.


Appletons VX (Jamaica)



Appleton Estate¸ home of the finest rums in the world since 1749¸ Appleton Estate VX is an exceptional blend of several rums of varying types and ages with an average age of between five and ten years. As the flagship brand of the Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum family¸ Appleton Estate VX is the embodiment of the distinctive rums for which the Appleton Estate is renowned. The colour has a brilliant amber glow to it. Musk oil and caramel nose with a hint of flame. A jaunty start leads to a dry light-to medium-bodied palate with light treacle, wet straw, and sugarcane notes. The finish has a hot pepper and crisp fruit fade out. Jamaican dark rum at it’s finest.


Appletons White (Jamaica)



Appleton White Jamaica Rum is a blend of rich pot still rums and light column still rums and, unlike many other white rums, it is aged and then filtered slowly through special charcoal filters. The rum is crystal clear in colour. The nose is fresh with a hint of citrus fruits. Smooth on the palate, banana and vanilla with a trace of coconut on the back. The finish is clean becoming dry at the end. This rum is first-rate as a base for mixing.


Appletons Special (Jamaica)



Appleton Special is a perfect blend of fuller-flavoured traditional pot-still rums and lighter column still rums. The rum has a golden colour. The nose has honey, fruit and some smoke aromas. It is fresh on the palate with good fruit balance with nuttiness at the end. The finish is sweet and pleasant.


Appletons 8yr Old (Jamaica)



Distilled, blended and bottled on the Appleton Estate since 1749, this fine Jamaican spirit is made up of a blend of aged rums born in copper pot stills and hand-selected by Master Blender, Joy Spence. The result is a full-bodied premium aged rum with a long, elegant finish. Enjoy Appleton Reserve as sipping rum or with a little water.

Tasting notes: "The appearance displays a dazzling topaz/honey colour with a gold rim and impeccable purity. The bouquet emits delicate scents of brown sugar and honey in the first nosing; further aeration compels the aroma to open up as it offers up biscuity scents of molasses, holiday spice and dried red fruit. The palate entry is sweet, honeyed and satiny in texture; the mid palate offers mature, composed and melted tastes of marzipan, caramel and brown sugar.


Appletons Extra 12yr Old  (Jamaica)



Appleton Estate is the oldest and most famous of all of Jamaica’s sugar estates. It is nestled in the fertile Nassau Valley on either side of the Black River in the Southwest of Jamaica. It is dark mahogany in colour with a rich bold, spicy character and rounded, smooth, warm nutmeg and orange flavours. Its bold character and smooth taste can easily be compared to the exemplary qualities of a fine cognac or single malt Scotch. It is best enjoyed neat.


Appletons 21yr Old (Jamaica)



A rare blend of some of the world's finest aged rums, Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Jamaican Rum is a smooth sipping rum that will leave a lasting impression on even the most discerning of palates. The rums in Appleton Estate 21 Year Old, each aged a minimum of 21 years, bring their own special characteristics together into a truly glorious harmony. This is a rum of finesse and character, powerful without being overpowering, delicate, complex and aromatic.


Arehucas Carta Blanco (Canary Islands)



Destilerias Arehucas, established in 1884, is devoted to the production of a wide range of Rums, Spirits and Liqueurs. The company is most well known for it’s selection of Rums to suit all tastes. The rums are matured in Arehucas’ world renowned 100 year old Rum Cellar, containing more than 6000 American oak casks. These 200 or 400 litre casks either contain a range of Rums, Spirits and Liqueurs of varying age. The Arehucas Golden Rums mature for 1 year, 7 years and 12 years, up to a maximum of 20 years. The most important cask in the cellar is signed by the current King and Queen of Spain. Destilerias Arehucas has the grand title of Royal House Supplier. The lifetime service was granted by Queen Maria Cristina of Austria on 4th July 1892. The expert production of Arehucas fine Rums, Spirits and Liqueurs is based on the combination of its history and tradition of over 125 years, the fine skill of the Arehucas Master Distillers and the most modern industrial techniques and state of the art bottling plant. Arehucas has been one of the most popular Rum producer and top selling brands in the Canary Island Archipelago for several decades. A spontaneous, crisp and dynamic white rum. This rum will blend seamlessly into your favourite cocktail and will lend the ideal touch to your mixer of choice. For enjoying good times.


Arehucas Carta Oro (Canary Islands)



This delightful, one year old, golden rum has a light yet well defined aroma and full flavour. Arehucas Carta Oro is a well balanced golden rum with just the right flavour to leave its mark on any mixed tall drink or mixed into a cocktail. It is so smooth and flavoursome it can just as easily be enjoyed straight or on the rocks.


Arehucas Guanche Honey (Canary Islands)



Honey Rum is a Canary Island speciality. Ron Miel Guanche from the Arehucas Distillery is one of the most famous and widely consumed on the Canary Islands. Made from a blend of quality aged rum and the finest honey, which combine into a drink with a fine body and an exquisite flavour. Honey Rum is traditionally drunk neat or on the rocks, any time of year. Alternatively it can be used as an interesting addition to your favourite cocktail.


Arehucas 7yr Old (Canary Islands)



This superior, 7 year old, golden rum is produced from our finest sugar cane, carefully selected for its ripeness and quality of flavour. Aged for a whole seven years in American all oak barrels in the legendary Arehucas cellars. We are proud to offer this select superior spirit, Arehucas Ron 7.


Arehucas Reserva Especial 12yr Old (Canary Islands)



This Special Reserve twelve year old Golden Rum is aged for twelve years in American all oak barrels in the legendary Arehucas cellars. The combination of using the finest quality sugar cane, the master craftsmanship of over 100 years experience and the hands of ‘old father time’ combine to create a Special Reserve Rum of supreme quality, depth of flavour and a velvety smooth finish. A must for the cellar of any rum aficionado.


Arehucas Captain Kidd 20yr Old (Canary Islands)



Benefitting from over 125 years of heritage and craftsmanship this exceptional rum lies gently maturing, in American all oak antique casks, in the world renowned Arehucas cellars. Finally after 20 years there emerges an exclusive rum of the most superlative flavour, aroma and finish, whose harmonious and aromatic bouquet makes it,even for the most demanding of palates, truly the ‘king’ of rums. Capitan Kidd is the jewel in the crown of all Arehucas Rums


Bacardi Carta Blanca (Blend)



An original recipe since 1862, Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum was the first aged white rum thanks to the active charcoal filtration method pioneered by Don Facundo Bacardi. It is this filtration process, as well as its ageing for at least 18 months in charred white American oak barrels, that provides Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum with its distinctive smoothness. The rum is clear. The nose has floral notes with a light scent of banana. It has good balance on the palate quite soft and light at the end. The finish is quite light perfect for mixing. This is the best-selling rum in the world.


Bacardi Oak Heart Spiced (Blend)



Bacardi 151 Lt (Puerto Rica)



Bacardi 151 rum is not for the faint hearted. 151 contains the craft and the authentic credentials of a great Bacardi rum, but it is one that lives on the wild side. 151 is definitely a drink that harkens back to the days when rum was consumed by men bent on having a premium, high-proof golden rum. It is recommended that you mix Bacardi 151 with cola or fruit juices.


Bacardi 8yr Old (Bahamas)



Under the watchful eye of the family's master blender, Bacardi presents Bacardi 8, the aged rum historically reserved for Don Facundo and the Bacardi family. A blend of Bacardi's finest Caribbean rums, aged in mature oak casks, and then masterfully blended using the same recipe Don Facundo created in 1862. The rum has a medium amber colour. The nose is mature with pungent honey, fruit and mint. It has a medium-body and a subtle dried apricot flavour leading to a warm peach like palate maybe some banana? On the finish there is a sweet caramel note that becomes more noticeable as the rum reaches room temperature. Soft and mellow with an old leather note. This rum is most delightful confirmation that Bacardi can compete at the higher end of the rum market.


Bacardi Oro (Blend)



Bacardi Oro is premium golden rum, providing an altogether different flavour proposition from Bacardi Carta Blanca. Over 14 rums aged between three to five years are blended together to make Bacardi Oro Rum. The colour of the rum is gold. It is clean and quite light on the palate, hints of passion fruit and peach flavours towards the end. The finish is relatively sweet with hints of cashew nuts. A gentle rum which can be used as a fine base for mixing.


Bacardi Black (Blend)

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Bacardi black rum is a rich blend of selected rums smoothly filtered through charcoal for extra taste and aged in charred oak barrels for up to four years. Bacardi Blacks distinctive dark appearance and rich body makes it especially suitable with cola, juices or frozen cocktails.


Bacardi Limon (Blend)

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Citrus flavoured rum from the number one selling rum spirit brand in the world. The colour is crystal clear. There is an understated lemon and citrus nose. A bright and breezy start leads to a somewhat sweet, light-bodied palate of crushed sugar and citrus flavours. The finish is clean with a polished lemon peel note. It would be unfair to say just for mixing. It is superb just on the rocks.


Bacardi Apple (Blend)



This is the first Apple flavoured rum to be picked for the public. The colour is clear. Its aroma is fresh and its flavour is crisp and intense with a luscious bite. The boldly appealing nature of Bacardi Apple comes from the finest Fuji, Golden Delicious & Granny Smith apples, all-natural flavours partnered with premium rum.


Bacardi Raspberry (Blend)



Bacardi Raspberry is wild with the flavour of fresh raspberries.  Only the best berries, including the dark and sweet Marion berry are picked at their peak. It is steeped and balanced with the slightly biting taste of the red raspberry before being added to premium Bacardi Rum.  The aromatic and full result burst on the tongue and pleases the palate.


Bally 1998 (Martinique)



Bally was one of the first distilleries to elaborate Single Cane Rums in Martinique, thus seeking the highest quality? Drawing his inspiration from an ancestral technique stemming from the greatest and finest spirits like Cognac, the house founder, Jacques Bally had, in 1917, the idea of letting his rums age in oak casks. This wood sustained ageing process gave them an amber colour and the delicate fragrances that only time can grant. The craft methods perfected by Jacques Bally such as the adjustment of the distillation columns, a secret jealously kept by the cellar-master, the quality of oak barrels and casks, preserved at every stage of our rums. The rum is dark amber in colour. The nose is lush with heaps of beeswax and a balanced wood. The rum has waxy characters on the palate. The finish is intense and has a very long honeyed finish. This rum is rich and elegant with great quantities of style.


Bally Ambre (Martinique)



Distilled from fermented fresh cane juice (rhum agricole). Ageing the rum in large vats for 2 years generates the rums slight colour. The rum is colour in amber. The nose has, High aroma of almonds with a hint of apple and some cedar wood, has evident flair. Loads of character on the palate, cane sweetness and honey are dominant. The finish is nutty, sweet which develops rather well. Nice sipping rum also great in cocktails.


Bally Blanc (Martinique)



Distilled from fermented fresh cane juice (rhum agricole). The freshest rum bottled by J. Bally The colour of the rum is crystal clear and bright. The nose has plenty of cane juice and berry fruits. It is light and quite dry on the palate, yet fresh and clean. The finish is hot and dry. This white rum is delicate and reliable.


Barboncourt 4yr Old (Haiti)

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The Barbancourt Rhum plant was founded in 1862 by the Gardere family and thus began the distillation of the world's finest Haitian rums. Rhum Barbancourt is an agricultural rum made with hand pressed, fermented sugar cane. It is made in limited quantities using handpicked cane sugar juice, rather than molasses as in many cases. It is then matured for three years in Limousin oak barrels, and double distilled like Cognac. The rum is pale gold in colour. The nose has aromas of barley sugar, mead and apples with hints of acacia. The palate is light and has a silky texture. Hints of spice, hazelnut and orange peel, Turkish delight dusted with sugar. Nutmeg and cracked pepper on the finish, a sophisticated and well balanced rum.


Barboncourt 8yr Old  (Haiti)

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The Barboncourt 8yr old is produced by the same methods as the 4yr old however it has a longer maturation period. The rum has a pale amber colour. It has a very appealing breakfast cereal aroma on the nose. It is round on the palate with a honeyed and slight viscous body. The finish has banana and caramel Flavours mixed with earthy elements. Recommended for sipping a Vintage House staff favourite.


Barboncourt 15yr Old  (Haiti)

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The 15yr old was originally only made for the family and friends of the producer. The rum has a pale copper colour. Like the 8yr old the nose has that breakfast cereal character on the nose but this time with a hint of ginger. Medium bodied palate with a dry caramel and tropical fruit tinge combined with earth, spice and leaf flavours. The finish is long and complex.  Just like the 8yr old, fantastic for sipping rum.


Barcelo Gran Platinum (Dominican Republic)




Barcelo Anejo (Dominican Republic)



Aged for an average of 4 years. Golden amber in colour. Reedy and woody aromas of vanilla and toffee with a wiff of vapor. A sharp entry leads to a dryish medium-bodied palate with cherry, toffee, white pepper, charred wood and mineral flavours. Finishes with a somewhat hot and boozy fade of sweet caramel green wood and white pepper. A bit out of joint and hot.


Barcelo Grand Anejo (Dominican Republic)

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Aged for an average of 6 years in bourbon barrels. Golden Amber colour. Sweet spice, mocha, herb and toffee aromas. Round off dry-medium body. Toffee spice and roasted nut. Long toffee and coffee bean and spicy fade.


Barcelo Imperial (Dominican Republic)



Aged for an average of 10 year in Brand new white American. Oak. Dark copper, toffee pickling spices and lanolin in the nose. A smooth entry leads to a very round slightly fruity mostly dry, medium bodies palate with roasted nut, dark caramel and vanilla bean. Finishes with a delicious buttered nut, spice, caramel fade. A very hedonistic aged Caribbean rum.


Berry Brothers Jamaican Finest 27yr (Jamaica)

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Heady aromas combine to deliver a cinnamon spice, café crème nose with some floral intensity. The palate carries a relaxing honey and nut flavours, warming gently with prickling spice to the lingering finish.


Berry Brothers Long Pond Jamaican Finest 1986 (Jamaica)

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The Long Pond Distillery is situated to the east of Montego Bay, southeast of Falmouth, in Jamaica. It stands in the plains, near a village called Clark's Hill, and it is one of the very few survivors of the 148 distilleries, which existed in Jamaica a hundred years ago. The sugar fields around the distillery provide the raw materials for molasses, from which the rum is fermented and then distilled. This rum, like so many others, was never released under its own name; all rum was sold for blending, although of course Long Pond had a name among the blenders for its high-ester style. In Jamaican parlance this is a 'Wedderburn', and experts prize it for its perfumed bouquet and marked taste, even when relatively young. These characteristics stem from the controlled addition to the mash of ‘dunder’, which naturally increases flavour levels. This is the residue of earlier fermentations, which has been allowed to develop bacterial growth, and its use is akin to that of 'sour mash' in American whiskey distillation. The bouquet boasts cinnamon, turmeric, fig and lemongrass; all backed up by a warm, spicy, oak filled palate displaying vanilla flavours. The finish has a refreshing dryness.


Berry Brothers Enmore 1988 (Guyana)



Berry Bros notes: Berry Bros. & Rudd takes pride in selecting only the most exceptional casks of fine Rum for our Berrys Own selection Rum. This Demerara ran from the Enmore pot still in 1988 and has been matured for 19 years prior to bottling at the optimum drinking strength of 46%. We have chosen not to artificially colour or chill filter the spirit, retaining a fuller, more authentic flavour. The heavy bouquet holds subtle wood notes, some smokiness and burnt molasses. The palate gives dry, toasted spice and a long smooth finish.


Berry Brothers Port Morant Islay Cask 1992 (Guyana)



Berry Bros Notes: We take pride in selecting only the most exceptional casks of fine Rum. This extraordinary Rum from Port Morant on the banks of the Demerara River was matured for several years in a Laphroaig Malt Whisky cask prior to bottling at the optimum drinking strength of 46%. We have chosen not to artificially colour or chill filter the spirit, retaining a fuller, more authentic flavour. The heady bouquet gives fruit and honey notes with the smoky background influence of the Islay Malt Whisky cutting through. This is an unusual but interesting marriage which combines two seemingly disparate elements to make a very flavoursome Rum.

Berry Brothers Hampden 1990 (Jamaica)



Jamaica's Hampden Estate on the north Coast of the island dates back to 1799. This rare Jamaican rum was produced in pot stills at in 1990. We have chosen not to artificially colour or chill filter the spirit, retaining a fuller, more authentic flavour Exotic fruit and spice dominate the nose. The flavour is warming, succulent and fruit-driven. Hampden produces exceptionally high ester spirit which provides great concentration and complexity.


Berry Brothers Compania Licorera 1999 (Nicaragua)



Berry Bros notes: Matured for eight years prior to bottling, this Nicaraguan Rum is round, soft, smooth, quite light and very appealing.


Berry Brothers Port Morant Reserve 1975 (Guyana)

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The Port Morant Distillery was built in 1732 on the banks of the Demerara River. It is one of the oldest stills in the world and produces fine rum from its unique pot stills. The Port Morant still is the last remaining Demeraran Vat Still, which produces a heavy distillate. The deep aromas are reminiscent of a well-aged cognac or whisky, distinguished by traces of hallmark aniseed and warm spice. The palate is luxurious with dark toffee and dried fruit. This outstanding old rum hails from the last Demerara vat still which continues to produce full-bodied spirit.


Berry Brothers Rockley Stills 1986 (Barbados)

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The Rockley Estate closed many years ago and the still was moved to Blackrock, home of the West Indies Rum Refinery, which along with Mount Gay and R.L. Seales are the three survivors of all Barbadian stills. However, here as in other countries, including for instance Guyana, rums from an individual still were allowed to carry the original name, no matter where the still itself is, by now an antique. In fact it is a combination of 3 different stills, put together over the ages whenever any part needed replacing. This Bajan rum produced in 1986 and has matured for 16 years in oak casks prior to bottling. This very distinctive rum exudes powerful, tarry aromas combined with herbs and spice. The palate offers peppery dryness and faint traces of liquorice leading gracefully to a long and warming finish.


Berry Brothers Caribbean XO (Trinidad)

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The Caribbean boasts a long history of rum distilling, born of the sugar plantations that began to develop in the 17th century. Each island has its unique style and with maturity the full, intense fruit, spice and, often, molasses flavours shine through. Trinidad’s Caroni Estate distillery, dating from this period is sadly now closed leaving just this small piece of liquid Caribbean history. This deep golden rum brims with sweet, rich fruity aromas countered by zesty lemon and lime, some treacle toffee and cloves. The wonderfully succulent honeyed palate delivers waves of flavour. A little oak shines through to offer some balancing tannin.


Berry Brothers Guadeloupe 12yr Old (Guadeloupe)



Berry Brothers Grenada 7yr Old (Grenada)



Berry Brothers Barbados 12yr Old (Barbados)

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Berry Brothers Panama 10yr Old (Panama)



Berry Brothers St Lucia 11yr Old (St Lucia)



Berry Brothers Versailes 1985 (Guyana)

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The Versailles Estate laid to the east of the Demerara River, which enters the Atlantic at Georgetown, capital of Guyana on the South American continent. The area has been famous for centuries for the quality of its sugar cane and molasses, from which the Demeraran rums draw their richness. Like so many estates the distilleries, it no longer exists, although the still bearing the Versailles name was moved from distillery to distillery. This Demerara from Versailles stills in Guyana ran from pot stills in 1985 and has been matured for eighteen years prior to bottling at the optimum drinking strength of 46%. The bouquet holds bewitching floral aromas of rose petal with cumin and fudge followed by a gingery, peppery and stimulating palate. The aftermath has a delicious, lingering, cedar and pinewood character.


Bielle White 50.0% Litre (Guadalupe)



Bielle 2006 50cl (Guadalupe)



Bielle 2003 (Guadalupe)



Bielle 1994 (Guadalupe)



Blackadder Port Morant Demerara 1975 (Guyana)

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Blackadder Port Morant Islay Cask 1992 (Guyana)



Blackadder Hampden 1990 (Jamaica)



Blackadder Enmore Demerara 1996 (Guyana)



Blackadder Nicaraguan 1999 (Nicaragua)



Blackadder Raw Cask Fiji 2001 11yr Old 63.9% (Fiji)



Blackadder Raw Cask Panama 2000 11yr Old 57.3% (Panama)



Blackadder Raw Cask St Lucia 1999 12yr Old 68.2% (St Lucia)



Black Heart (Caribbean Blend)

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Black Heart is a unique rum made from a blend of 11 of the finest, smoothest, Caribbean rums and aged for up to 4 years in oak casks. Black Heart Rum has a genuine heritage in New Zealand, closely linked with the nation's maritime history. It was first produced in 1842 by Henry White, who made his fortune selling Rum to troops during the Crimean war of 1854-56. Black Heart is the darkest of all Rums and has a strong rich flavour with a smooth rounded character. It has robust fruity flavours of molasses, honey and chocolate. It is not as sweet as other rums giving a strong dark rum taste. Black Heart is for serious rum drinkers, not for the faint hearted.


Bootlegger Navy (Caribbean Blend)



Bootlegger rum is a full flavoured rich rum which can be enjoyed neat, as was traditional in the Royal Navy, or as part of a longer mixed drink with orange and other delicious combinations in punches and cocktails.


Brasilla Cachaca (Brazil)

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Brasilla is a very high quality classic Brazilian Cachaca, slightly sweet and highly versatile. It has a smooth and deep flavour with a slightly grape fruity nose. Sold under the name 'Jamel' in Brazil it is the third best selling Cachaca, selling between two and three and a half million litres every month, a position that it has achieved through quality and honesty over the past fifty years. Brasilla makes an excellent Caipirinha, but can also be used in a huge number of other cocktails and mixer drinks, from elaborate cocktails with muddled fresh fruits to simple mixing with Coke or ginger beer.


Bristol Classics Enmore 12yr Old Demerara (Guyana)

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In Guyana the earliest records of distilling at the Enmore estate date back to 1840. As with other countries in the Caribbean, ownership of the estates has naturally changed hands over the centuries. The Enmore estate remained, along with others such as Port Morant, until 1952 when the five surviving distilleries in Guyana were amalgamated. However, the Enmore Stills (one copper pot still and one column, which is the oldest working patent still in the world), were moved wherever there was work to be done. After 1990 these stills stood near the mouth of the Demerara River, at what is known today as the Diamond Distillery. Dismantled and rebuilt (always by John Dore & Co., the direct successors of Aeneas Coffey, the inventor of the patent still), only the patent still continued working into the Millennium, distilling the molasses from the hot, humid canfields. Owing to the idiosyncrasies of the Guyanan distilling industry, they retained their old names, as did the rums made on those very stills. The rum is light golden and bright in colour. The nose is quite heavy with some wood, Smoke and burnt sugar. Dry, toasted spice tone on palate. Good weight and a superb aftertaste.


Bristol Classics Versailles 1985 (Guyana)



Bristol Classics Black Spiced (Caribbean Blend)



Bristol Classics Reserve of Peru 8yr old (Peru)



Bristol Classic Vale Royal 2002 (Jamaica)



Bristol Classics Caroni 1996 (Trinidad)



Bristol Classics Nicaragua Reserve 1998 (Nicaragua)


Sugar cane has been grown for many years in Nicaragua. In 1890 a company was established to develop a plantation on the Pacific Coast at Chichigalpa, an area ideal for growing cane. In 1937 the Compania Licorera de Nicaragua SA was formed dedicated to production of fine rum. Pale Gold in colour, a soft tropical fruit nose combines with sweet round flavours on the palate, touched with banana and soft oak, a well balanced finish gives this rum an attractive style and makes it an ideal aperitif to enjoy as a long drink. This rum has enjoyed extended maturation in American Oak casks and this combines additional complexity with natural style.


Bristol Classics Paraiso (Cuba)

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This is a straight column still rum from a single distillery. Distilled at the Destileria de Sancti Spiritu in the town of the same name in central Cuba. After maturing four a minimum of four years it was brought to England to be decanted into heavily charred American oak barrels. This further finishing has given the rum a lovely roundness. A classic Cuban rum at its finest. Medium golden colour. A herbal and fruit nose with well integrated Vanilla and oak. On the palate soft fruit based flavour with well-defined molasses characteristics and a delicate and long lasting finish.


Bristol Classics Long Pond 1986 16yr (Jamaica)



The colour of the rum is pale gold and bright. Has typical traditional rum character. Warm, open nose of bananas and vanilla. The silky texture on palate shows the same character as the bouquet. A good finish with well controlled wood tones. Very pleasant.


Bristol Classics Rockley Stills 1986 16yr (Barbados)

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Settlers in Barbados were amongst the first to experiment in improving distillation and separating impurities from the spirit. There are now three distilleries left on the island with the Rockley Still being one of the few pot stills in Barbados.


Brugal Anejo (Dominican Republic)



During the second half of the 19th Century, Don Andrés Brugal Montaner, the Spanish national who started making this rum, decided to come to the Dominican Republic from Cuba. He came to Puerto Plata and used his rum making experience he learned in Cuba to start making rum here. Thus began Brugal & Co. This long established family business, started by Don Andrés has become one of the top businesses in the country and has branched off into many smaller businesses and organizations helping the country and its people. Rich aged rum with toasty aromas of light toffee and hints of chocolate, honey and molasses. A mature bouquet of mildly toasty aromas of marshmallow, light toffee, caramel, and milk chocolate; further aeration stimulates background notes of nutmeg and cinnamon. The palate entry is integrated, moderately oily with chocolate and gently sweet; at mid-palate the taste profile expands to include honey, molasses and egg cream. The rum finishes up elegantly and sweet.


Brugal Extra Viejo Gran Reserva (Dominican Republic)



The colour is a brilliant amber hue. Subtle aromas of caramel, cream, and spice follow through to a round, dry medium-bodied palate with toffee, dried apple, green nuts, and brown spice flavours. Finishes with a dry, somewhat short fade of tobacco, wood spice, and green sugar cane.


Brugal 1888 Gran Reserva Familiar (Dominican Republic)



Brugal 1888 is super-premium rum from Brugal, which commemorates the founding year of the company by Don Andrés Brugal. Brugal 1888 rum is double distilled and double matured firstly in American white oak Bourbon casks and then in sherry oak casks from Jerez in Spain. Brugal 1888 is rich and smooth, spiced with hints of dried fruits and wood with an exceptionally long finish. Serve on the rocks to savour the gentle development as the flavour evolves in the glass.


Bundaberg (Australia)



Australia's favourite tipple. Born out of the burning sugar cane fields of Queensland. This famous rum is matured for 3 years in oak casks to obtain it's unique flavour. The colour is deep gold with a tint of orange. The nose is sweet and spicy. There is raw spirit on the palate with nuts, Parma violets and a pungent edge. Very hot finish. This rum is not for the novice. The bottles distinctive polar bear logo is a symbol that the rum can ward off the colds and flu.


Bundaberg Distillers No3 (Australia)

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Distiller's No.3 is named after the triple filtering process developed and perfected via know-how from over 100 years of proud distilling history at the Bundaberg Distilling Company. This truly unique rum is a triple filtered (charcoal, chill and polished), double distilled blend of classic Bundaberg Rum and a reserve blend of Bundaberg White Rum. This three-tiered process guarantees a lighter flavour and a smoother finish.


Bundaberg Overproof (Australia)



The colour of the rum is orange. The nose has apples and dry grass with a suggestion of citrus. Plenty of grain, yeast and very warm on the palate. It has a hotter finish than the standard Bundaberg. This rum is hard-hitting be cautious if not accustomed with this style. Perhaps best reserved for medicinal purpose.


Cane Spirit Rothschild (St Kitts)

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The Cane Spirit Rothschild is produced exclusively from the freshest hand harvested sugar cane. The rum is pure and translucent. On the palate it is smooth with citrus fruit at the back. The finish is dry with a hint of sweetness. This is a great substitute for the regular brands of white rum. St. Kitts is acclaimed for ideal conditions for the cultivation of sugar cane and here, can be found the best quality of cane across the whole Caribbean.


Caney Carta Blanca (Cuba)

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Ron Caney is named after the cone-shaped houses built by Cuba's campesions, her small farmers. First produced just after the Revolution, Caney was originally only marketed in Cuba and Latin America where it outsold Bacardi and other global brands. Caney is now available for the first time in the UK. Ron Caney Carta Blanca is significantly superior to standard white rums — aged for up to three years, it combines a light fruity nose with smooth flavours and a dry finish. Carta Blanca is ideal for Mojitos and cocktails as well as mixing.


Caney Oro (Cuba)

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Produced from sugar cane and molasses grown in Cuba's lush, fertile, tropical south, around the beautiful Sierra Maestre mountains, Ron Caney is distilled in the ancient but vibrant city of Santiago de Cuba — the heart and soul of Cuba's music and cultural heritage where Cuba's distinctive light, tropical rums were invented Ron Caney Oro is a premium golden rum made by blending rums aged from three to five years - Oro is superb on its own, in cocktails and with mixers


Caney Anejo Centuria (Cuba)

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Matured in unique climatic conditions in barrels of selected wood before being blended by Cuba's top rum masters, some of whom have worked at the distillery since before the Revolution. All of this gives Ron Caney its unique properties, flavour and nose. Ron Caney Anejo Centuria winner of the Havana taste trials is a blend of rums aged for up to seven years. Combining complex flavours of vanilla and orange, which are released with the addition of a little water, Anejo Centuria is the ideal rum for drinking on its own or with ice and a slice of lime.


Captain Bligh 8yr Old XO (St Vincent)

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Appearance: Light brown. Aroma: The nose is sweet with elements of caramel, cocoa, orange and spices. Palate: This rum opens to cinnamon, nutmeg with a touch of caramel. Once left on the palate flavours of charred wood, vanilla and white pepper begin to take over. The finish is warm and smooth.


Captain Morgan (Caribbean Blend)



Captain Morgan Original Rum is named after Sir Henry Morgan, knighted and appointed Lt. Governor of Jamaica in 1673 for being one of the most successful military strategists of England at that time. The rum is red amber in colour. The nose is dominated by toffee and caramel with some pineapple at the back. Gentle on the palate and there is plenty of treacle and toffee in the middle and rather warming at the back. Fruity flavours and a lingering liquorice finish. Primarily used for mixing which is a tad unjust.


Captain Morgan Parrot Bay (Caribbean Blend)



A premium blend of fresh, rich, coconut flavour with light, crisp Puerto Rican rum, Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay flavoured rums envelop you in a sensation that satisfies all five of your senses. Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay flavoured rums enhances all your favourite mixers.


Captain Morgan Spiced (Caribbean Blend)



The colour is pale amber with an almost pink tinge. It has a subdued bouquet of vanilla on the nose. The start is Immediate. To my surprise delicate, light and off-dry on the palate with creamy vanilla and a blend of spices. The finish is quick with a short peppery fade. Mixes well with coke and ginger beer.


Cap Savanna 3yr Old (France)



Cap Savanna 3-year old rum invites you to discover its discreet woody notes. Lightly full-bodied, brought out by a slight hazelnut taste, this rum can be sipped for tasting with a steady temperance as digestive but also very bright for a drink on the rocks or as a long drink.


Cap Savanna 5yr Old (France)



Cap Savanna 5-year old rum is the well-balanced blend between a strong maturing rum still young though and a bursting of noble savours released by 5 years of maturation in barrel. Woody with walnut notes and delicately vanilla-flavoured, this rum is a pure delicacy for connoisseurs.


Cap Savanna 7yr Old (France)



Cap Savanna 7-year old rum conceals behind its wonderful dark colour there is a top scale aged rum, with warmth, red plum and woody notes. Full-bodied with strokes and pride, this vintage rum is adapted to delight and satisfy tasting parties for exquisite palates.


Chairman’s Reserve White (St Lucia)



Chairman’s Reserve Finest (St Lucia)



A St Lucian style rum. It is a selection and blend of continuous and double pot still rums personally selected by the chairman. It's very light in colour and has a rich nose of strong dry oak, orange and apple. On the palate it is quite soft and subtle with a reasonable amount of earthiness with a short spicy finish.


Chairman’s Reserve Spiced  (St Lucia)



Deep mahogany colour with reddish tinges. Beautifully complex nose of bitter orange, nutmeg, cinnamon and sweet raisin. On the palate a rich sweet mouth feel with exotic spice – nutmeg, vanilla clove and balanced by a crisp citrus orange peel character. A hedonistic but complex spice rum. Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum is the latest addition to St. Lucia Distiller's portfolio of world class rums. The rum contains local spices and fruits including cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, coconut, all spice, lemon and orange. We have also added Richeria Grandis – known locally as 'Bois Bande' – a bark renowned in the Caribbean as a potent aphrodisiac to give an added kick to the rum. These spices and fruits are added to rums distilled in copper alembic pot and continuous stills that are then aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels to give a complex and balanced spice rum. Chairman's Reserve Spice benefits from a combination of steeping certain spices and Bois Bande in the rum for up to a year while the other ingredients are added during the blending process. In this way they can bring out the flavour of the spices and fruits while preserving the complexity and harmony of the underlying rum. Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum is best enjoyed with cranberry juice or ginger beer on ice with a grating of fresh nutmeg.


Chairman’s Reserve Forgotten Cask (St Lucia)



Chairman’s Reserve 1931 (St Lucia)



Charles Clement Canne Bleue (Martinique)



Clement Canne Bleue Rhum Agricole is unique as it is made out of only one type of cane. from Martinique and named after it's blue/grey tint. The rum is quite grey with a tint of blue. The nose is fruity, ripe and floral with hints of melon. Clean and crisp on palate with plenty of citrus and weight. The finish is fruity and clean. White rum at its finest without doubt a sipping rum.


Charles Clement Creole Shrubb (Martinique)



Clement Creole Shrubb the liqueur is made with a subtle blend of young and old rums, sugar cane syrup and orange peel. These are then put through a long maceration in oak casks. The colour of the rum is yellow gold. The nose is mildly sweet with plenty of orange peel. At the back there is a deft touch of raw cocoa that rounds out the bouquet nicely. The palate is sweet and orangey, in the middle the orange peel dominates therefore countering the sugary sweetness. The finish is powerful, and appropriately orangey.


Charles Clement Cuvee Special (Martinique)

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The colour is amber. The nose is resinous and quite oily, with hints of fruit and honey. It has a supple palate, with cream and floral spiciness. The finish is complex and long. This rum is made from a blend of 3 and 6 year old rums.


Charles Clement Malina Coco (Martinique)

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Charles Clement Premiere Canne (Martinique)



Clement Premiere Canne Rhum Agricole Blanc is a white rum made from sugar cane rather than molasses. The colour is crystal clear and very clean. On the nose there is grass notes, sugar cane, vanilla, and fresh, flowers with hints of violet. The palate is sensational; generous doses of cocoa, bittersweet chocolate, black tea, and raw sugar at the back plenty of chocolate. The finish is elegant with delicate notes of sugary sweetness, zesty spirit, and vanilla. This is white rum at its best.


Charles Clement Rhum Vieux 6yr Old (Martinique)



Rhum Agricole Vieux Cuvee Speciale Homere Clement 6 years is obtained by blending from six to eight year old that have been in oak. It is an intense colour and has aromas of toasted beans and vanilla. This is a superbly satisfying after dinner rum.


Charles Clement Rhum Vieux VSOP (Martinique)



Clement Rhum Agricole Vieux VSOP is taken from the flagship brand of Rhum Clément, and then aged to perfection. Colour is amber. The nose is well balanced with sugar, milk chocolate and black pepper. The elegant yet assertive start is firm, peppery, moderately sweet, and cane-like; in the middle, the flavour then turns silky in texture, semisweet and cocoa-like to the taste, and eminently elegant and sophisticated in style. The finish is sweet, honeyed, svelte, and utterly delicious.


Charles Clement Homere Cuvee (Martinique)



Charles Clement XO (Martinique)



Clément X.O. is a rare blend of very old aged rums including the highly regarded vintages of 1976, 1970 and 1952, which have been recognized to be the finest ever in Martinique. Each vintage brings to the bottle spice, toffee, and tobacco flavours and our Cellar Master has miraculously married them together to create one of the finest sipping rums in the world. Long in the mouth, with huge rich, aromatic notes of spices and dried fruit.


Charles Clement Rhum Vieux 1976 (Martinique)

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Clement Rhum Agricole Vieux Vintage 1976 has a distinctive supple character and is a bright mahogany colour. It has enticing tones of almonds, spices and vanilla.


Charles Clement Rhum Vieux 1970 (Martinique)



Clement Rhum Agricole Vieux Vintage 1970 is aged for over 15 years in oak casks after which it is reduced over several years in wooden vats.


Charles Clement Rhum Vieux 1952 (Martinique)



Clement Rhum Agricole Vieux Vintage 1952 has been lovingly aged for over 30 years in oak casks and then for another 10 years in wood before being bottled in 1991. This rum offers a unique taste experience, with subtle hints of flowers and dried fruits which are enhanced by the woodiness. There is a limited number of bottles which all have their own unique number


Cockspur 5 Star (Barbados)



The famous Cockspur brand, with its 'rooster' symbol, has been part of Barbados life since Danish merchant Valdemar Hanschell set up his first ship's chandlery and liquor store there in the 19th century. It is now Barbados' leading golden rum. Cockspur is a blend of superior rum, aged in oak barrels to smooth and mellow the spirit. The combination of ageing and blending, along with the spring water used in the process, gives Cockspur its unique character. The rum is light amber in colour. There is vanilla and nutmeg on the nose, with hints of cream, black cherry, cheesecake and mango. A well-balanced, soft palate, honey and ginger in the middle leading to lemon grass and spice. The finish a superb, ginger with plenty of pepper. This rum is excellently balanced. Extremely pleasant experience for what could be considered a standard rum.


Cockspur 12 (Barbados)

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Cockspur rum was founded by Valdemar Hanschell in 1884. He was of Danish descent and came to Barbados via the Virgin Islands where he had worked for several years in the ship brokerage business. Settling in Barbados, which had become one of the biggest shipping ports in the Western Hemisphere at that time, he founded a ship chandlery, supplying to visiting ships - ropes, sails, salt, fresh fruit, meat and of course rum. Through the years, business thrived and so too did the popularity of Cockspur rum. He took on a partner, expanded his trade into exports and became Hanschell Larson. Cockspur became known internationally, continued to grow and through a later merger, Hanschell Inniss was formed. That company still blends and bottles Cockspur today. Cockspur 12 has a rich amber colour. The nose has robust sweet toffee, roasted nut, and brown spice aromas. A rich entry leads to a dry-yet fruity full-bodied palate with buttery caramel, roasted nuts, dried fruit and spice flavours. Finishes with a very long, toffee, brown spice, and cigar box fade with a touch of limestone. This is excellent rum.


Cockspur V.S.O.R. 1lt Signed By Sir Garfield Sobers(Barbados)

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Garfield St Auburn Sobers- for 20 years, he ruled the cricket world supreme! During his test career he amassed over 8,000 runs, with 26 centuries and a batting average of 57.78. He also took 235 wickets at an average of 34.03 runs. His most memorable achievements were the six consecutive sixes he struck in a six-ball over, and the 365 runs scored in a Test innings - a record that stood for 36 years. For these outstanding achievements and his contribution to the game, he was knighted by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in 1975, and in 1998 Barbados declared him a National Hero.’ Sir Garry' made his test debut 50 years ago in 1954. To honour the remarkable achievements of this great man, Cockspur have created the Cockspur V.S.O.R. Garfield Sobers Special Edition Rum. Each bottle not only bears 'Sir Garry's' signature, it is also individually numbered. It will only be bottled in the year 2004. Like 'Sir Garry', Cockspur VSOR has also received recognition for excellence, winning international gold awards for quality and acclaim from connoisseurs around the world. In fact, one of VSOR's biggest fans over the years has been 'Sir Garry' himself. As he often says, "It's my rum of choice, every time." It's a celebration of Sir Garry's achievements. Yours to savour and enjoy!!


Conquering Lion Overproof (Jamaica)

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Distilled from fermented molasses, this is simple rum commonly consumed by Jamaicans as a shot or in cocktails. It is typical of the Jamaican flavour when it comes to over proof rum. It is the essential of the local rum shop.


Coruba 12yr Old (Jamaica)



Coruba 18yr Old (Jamaica)



Coruba 25yr Old (Jamaica)



Cruzan 2yr Old (St. Croix, Virgin Islands)

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Cruzan Rum was created by the Nelthropp family, which has been producing this first-class rum for more than five generations. Cruzan Rum has been produced at the Estate Diamond distillery on St. Croix ever since 1760, and is named after the island's inhabitants, known as Cruzians.( pronounced crew-shuns)Aged for two years in American Oak casks, this rum receives its body, flavour and colour from the aging process. The rum is gold and bright in colour. There is a hint of nut on the nose, with a touch of citrus fruit. Creamy on the palate with a good weight, and clean. The finish is short and fresh, and will make a fine base for cocktails.


Cruzan Diamond 5yr Old (St. Croix, Virgin Islands)

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This blend of five to ten year old American Oak cask aged rums provides rum drinkers with an option sure to please the palate. The rum has an amber colour. You get rich caramel and woody, spice nose. A round supple start leads to an almost dry medium-bodied palate with balanced tropical fruit juices, vanilla, nuts, and spice flavours. Finishes with a charming, long, dried fruit and toasty oak driven fade. A supple, subtle sipper that has a classic, very clean rum flavour. This rum is for the serious rum drinker.


Cruzan Single Barrel Estate (St. Croix, Virgin Islands)



Coming in individually numbered bottles, and being a blend of vintage rums aged for up to 12 years: The Cruzan Single Barrel Estate Rum is their flagship. The term single barrel means that the blend of rums is aged in “new” oak casks for approximately one more year and then bottled one cask at a time. The taste of Cruzan Single Barrel Estate Rum is rounder and smoother than many after-dinner drinks and thus presents an exciting alternative to cognac and whisky for the less conventional.


Dictador Solera System 12yr Old (Columbia)



In 1751 Severo Arango y Ferro arrived to Cartagena de Indias to control and build the commerce between American Spanish colonies and Spain. Due to his strength and power of the region he was given the name "Dictador". Since his first taste of the tropical elixir called rum, Dictador fell in love with all the sweetness and elegance of the liquor and he decided to become a producer and trader of different exotic and high quality rums. Dictador's immense amount of power soon made Cartagena de Indias one of the most important ports in the Spanish Armada. As the city began to grow so did Dictadors love for the rum and he compiled secrets that are now know today as Dictador Rum. In 1913, almost 180 years after Dictador arrived to Caragena de India, his ancestors decided to establish a distillery in Colombia using Dictadors secrets. They investigated Dictador's life and learned all about his rum production. Using the secrets they found from their late great ancestor they were able to produce the same high quality rum that was sold by Dictador himself. Distilled in Catagena. It's a medium bodied, complex blend of premium aged rums with full, rich flavour. It is a sugar cane spirit rum, giving fresh cane juice flavours, intermingled with oak and spice. You will find this rum nicely balanced and very complex. Light oak flavours lead up front without devouring the other flavours. The rum is not sweet, however, it's rich and very soft with a slightly oily mouth-feel. There is a good amount of oak tannin and citrus zest which leads out and makes everything mildly spicy. This sensation is quickly followed by flavours of dark toffee which have turned slightly to treacle, and a moderate amount of vanilla oak. A yummy marzipan which reminiscent of toasted almonds smothered in roasted marshmallows is nestled nicely under the oak and spice.  A touch of coffee, a hint of ripe cherry, and more charred flavours  (perhaps some toasted coconut) seem to arrive at the end with a sherry-like smokiness which also brings nuances of dry fruit and cocoa to the fore. Dictador 12yo is very nice sipping rum!


Dictador 20yr Old (Columbia)



The initial sip is smooth and suave. Complex flavours form a nice harmonious balance making it difficult to unravel the lovely rich notes, and making it a rare treat to the palate. You will find flavours of oak and caramel dominate the rum, but in spite of the age of the rum, (which is apparent on the nose), the oak flavours are not sharp, instead, the oak flavours have melted into the rum to become a yummy oak and caramel syrup that slides through the palate and carries hints of other the flavours with it. If one noses the rum as one sips, it is easier to distinguish the dry fruits, vanilla, an impression of maple, and the rich baking spices which are also part of the flavour profile. Dictador 20 Year Old Solera Rum as an excellent example of what can be achieved through solera aging techniques when combined with masterful blending.


Diplomatico Anejo (Venezuela)



Copper pot Stilled and aged for 7 years in small oak barrels. Versatile Golden colour "Ron anejo" (Aged rum) holder of he Caribbean essence, evident in its soft bouquet and in the fine fruit and warm wood aromas, resulting from the aging process and the sweet cane touch.


Diplomatico Reserva (Venezuela)



Copper pot stilled, and aged for 8 years in small oak barrels, until it reaches it's finest sherry aromas and wood flavours; with a soft vanilla and caramel taste. This amber rum has extraordinary body and Balance with a smooth finish.


Diplomatico Blanco Reserva (Venezuela)



Rich and unexpectedly intense for a white rum. Immediate notes of brown sugar and hot-buttered toast, on the nose, with creamy notes. A strong whiff of fresh-ground coffee, along with cocoa powder and cappuccino. Golden syrup and raisin cake.  Medium-full on the palate - again much bigger and more expressive than one expects from white rum. Amazing soft, creamy texture. Deliciously chocolaty, with the mocha notes from the nose weaving through a luscious highly sophisticated palate. Perfectly rounded and balanced.  Long and sweet finish but retains enough zip and complexity to easily avoid becoming sickly, with a trace of pepper towards the end.


Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva (Venezuela)



Copper Pot Stilled, and aged for 12 years in small oak barrels. Exquisite Blend that seduces with its intense amber colour, product of its prolonged aging in exclusive white oak barrels; its unique body and extraordinary balance are obtained by the craftsmanship of our master distiller. Delivers a full-rich flavour with a silky smooth finish. Redolent of rich caramel and chocolate, hazelnuts and burnt sugar; tastes sweet, smooth and balanced – delivers the promise of its aromas – delicious! Orange, chocolate, sweet mango – the flavour notes are endless; full-bodied, lush and rich, with a lingering finish that demands another sip.


Diplomatico Ambassadors Selection (Venezuela)

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Don Q Gold (Puerto Rico)

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The Serrallés story begins in 1865 at the Hacienda Mercedita sugar plantation, near the city of Ponce, on Puerto Rico's south coast. That year, Don Juan Serrallés, the son of a Spaniard who had settled in the area, produced his first few casks of rum using a still he had imported from France. The rum is gold in colour; the nose is clean with tropical fruits and a touch of coconut. On the palate it has guava and papaya with sweet spices and a crisp tobacco edge. The finish is lightly fresh. A well-constructed rum.


Don Q Anejo (Puerto Rico)

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Don Q’s founder, Juan Serrallés, named his rum after Don Quijote de la Mancha, in honor of a Spanish fictional character. Don Q’s phrase is “Intensa Suavidad” which translates in English to intense smoothness, Lamboy said. The colour of the rum is old gold. The nose has wood aromas with plums and cranberries juices. The palate is a complex blend of chocolate, spice, sweet tabacco and smooth vanilla sweetness. The finish is fruity with a spice oak. This is a classy rum blended from stocks up to seven years old.


Doorly's Macaw Premium White (Barbados)



Doorly's 5yr Old (Barbados)



Doorlys Gold 5 YR Old Rum is produced at the Foursquare Plantation located in Barbados, home to Doorly's Golden Rums that now houses one of the world's most modern rum distilleries. Although the

estate had produced sugar and then rum since early in the 1700's, and had been in the Searle family's hands for more than a century, it wasn't until a few years ago that the distillery was completely renewed. New columns and a pot still have been installed, and combined with the innovative blending and aging ideas of Richard Searle, The colour is gold. A sweet nose with vanilla plenty of custard and ginger. The palate is soft and gentle with an excellent balance of wood and soft spirit. The finish is sweet and clean and has straightforward style.


Doorly's XO (Barbados)



From the House of Martin Doorly in Barbados comes this rare rum of unparalleled excellence. Created through the time-old traditions of master blenders who have combined Barbados finest, oldest rums with a special second maturation. The special ‘rare' second maturation takes place in solid oak Spanish Oloroso Sherry Casks, which ages the rum to perfection. The rum has an amber colour. There are aromas of warm coconut and vanilla on the nose. An energetic start leads to a medium-bodied palate with a forceful dry caramel and tropical fruit flavours reinforced by the omnipresent alcohol. The finish has a fruit like sweetness and cordiality. This rum is refined and the style is reliable.


El Dorado White (Guyana)

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El Dorado white rum is produced using the subtlest of distillation techniques. The spirit is refined and blended to a smooth perfection. The rum is light, dry and astonishingly subtle. A rum with all its flavour and components in perfect harmony. In addition, El Dorado Superior White Rum is highly versatile. As well as being a favourite ingredient in cool, refreshing long drinks it will delight those with a taste for the exotic.


El Dorado 15yr Old (Guyana)



El Dorado 15yr old is the finest in a range of Demerara Rums. This supreme product of great distinction has been specially selected and blended to perfection by master blenders, and aged in oaken casks for 15 years. The unique design of this bottle was inspired by the shape of the old flasks used, over three centuries ago, to ship spirits to the sugar planters in Demerara. In those early days, empty bottles were used to store the Demerara Rum, which was produced by the small distilleries attached to the sugar estates. The rum has an attractive, rich copper-amber colour. It has a complex nose of sugar, banana, cedar and iodine. A silky entry leads to a moderately full-bodied palate of vibrant yet refined dry caramel and grilled tropical fruit flavours braced by warm alcohol and firm, smooth oak spice. To some extent Scotch like, with subtle peaty overtones. This rum is wonderfully balanced and designed for long contemplative sipping.


El Dorado 12yr Old (Guyana)



At this distillery, the standards and methods of the age-old industry have been maintained, working in tandem with the most up to date facilities and equipment. The old wooden Coffey still continues to be used in the production process. This is the last operating still of its kind in the world and rum connoisseurs attribute the uniqueness of the Demerara rums, to this still. In addition, the distillery makes use of a wooden pot still for the production of the very aromatic and flavourful heavy rums that are widely sought the world over. This still is again the last operating of its kind in the world, and the resulting rum is so very distinctive that rum experts opined that it is the wood of the still that lends the flavours and congeners to the rums. This distinctive spirit aged in oak casks for 12 years and blended to achieve a smooth strength. The rum has a copper colour. There are lush tropical fruit and spice on the nose. Round, mellow, full-bodied palate with powerful fruit, tobacco, orange peel, leather, and toasty oak flavours. Like the fifteen year this rum is well balanced.


El Dorado Dark (Guyana)

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A perfect balance between gentleness and strength. The full, rich flavour of this rum reflects more than 300 years of experience in rum production. No wonder El Dorado Dark turns so many connoisseurs into converts. El Dorado Dark Rum can be drunk either straight or as a mixer, and when the winter cold sets in, you can make the most heart-warming grog with it.


El Dorado Spiced (Guyana)

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The base rum is El Dorado aged in oak barrels in the company’s warehouse for five years. The rum is matured in forty-five gallon oak casks in an ideal natural climate for ageing - within six degrees of the equator on the tropical north coast of South America. Delicately spiced with hints of orange, lemon and cinnamon. This rum is perfect for sipping straight.


El Dorado Gold (Guyana)

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Distilled perfection in the form of a light, dry rum; a rum that has been well-loved in the Caribbean for centuries, and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe as well. El Dorado Golden Rum can be enjoyed both straight and on the rocks, but also mixed with fruit juices and other spirits.


El Dorado 5yr Old (Guyana)



For more than three centuries Demerara Distillers is one of the Caribbean’s leading producers of rum. The Demerara five years old is a premium rum with a distinctive delicate taste. To achieve the superb colour, smooth taste and full fragrant aroma, the rum is matured in 45 gallon oak casks in an ideal natural climate for ageing - within six degrees of the equator on the tropical north coast of South America. The depth and body of this matured rum are best discovered when drunk straight or on the rocks. The colour of the rum is amber. It has a dried tropical fruit nose. A vibrant entry leads to an evolving palate of caramel, fruit, toasted coconut, and American oak notes fading into a vanilla-tinged glow. Alcohol is present but supportive and provides a balancing bite on the finish. This rum is remarkably developed and complex for a relatively young rum.


El Dorado 3yr Old (Guyana)



Charcoal filtered Demerara rum from Guyana. Light and subtle say the producers, mouth-watering, and multifaceted for a white rum with lots of smooth vanilla notes.


El Dorado 8yr Old (Guyana)


An exceptional medium bodied Cask Aged premium amber Rum. This superb recent addition to the El Dorado portfolio is the result of the skilful marriage by our Master Blenders of aged rums from no fewer than four of the traditional Stills preserved by Demerara Distillers, including the original Wooden Coffey Still from Enmore and the double Wooden Pot Still from Port Morant. This 8 Year Old rum is a complex fusion of a full flavoured, heavy bodied rum with light-to-medium bodied rums aged in bourbon oak casks – creating a sumptuous smooth sipping rum which can also form the basis of memorable cocktails. Tasting Notes: Light to medium-bodied nose with hints of tobacco mixed with caramel toffee. Faint aroma of dried stone fruits and flambée banana. Soft and faintly sweet mouth-feel with traces of oak and butterscotch. Distinctly smooth.

El Dorado 21yr Old (Guyana)



A Rum of supreme quality. El Dorado 21 year old is an exquisite rum. In this blend of select aged rums, each of the constituent rums is at least 21 years old. Some are much older and can be as old as 25 years. To achieve the superb colour, smooth taste and full fragrant aroma, the rums are matured in 45 gallon oak casks in an ideal natural climate for ageing - within six degrees of the equator on the tropical north coast of South America, blended to perfection by master blenders. This is designed for the connoisseur of rums who has the time to indulge and appreciate the wonders of this creation.


El Dorado 25yr Old (Guyana)



Demerara has been producing the finest rums in the world for over three centuries. The El Dorado Millennium 25 year old Special Reserve is a product of pedigree, matured in oak casks for 25 years and blended to perfection by our master blenders. This supreme 25 years old millennium blend is a rum of great distinction and will be a delight to the connoisseurs of good spirits.


Elements Eight Gold (St Lucia)



Elements 8 Gold Rum is a super premium aged rum. It is triple distilled and aged for up to 6 years in Bourbon casks. It is then lightly charcoal filtered to remove any impurities whilst maintaining the deep amber colour and characteristics it has gained during the aging process. The nose is well rounded and complex with honeyed fruit, raisins and prunes. Good toasty oak aromas that are well integrated. Honeyed raisin fruit on the palate with a soft and velvety texture. Full bodied, complex and well balanced with a long finish. Sensuous and complex super premium rum that will appeal to deluxe rum and whisky drinkers.


Elements Eight Platinum (St Lucia)



Elements 8 Platinum Rum is a super-premium and highly versatile rum. Aged for up to 4 years in Bourbon Barrels then charcoal filtered to remove any impurities and colour taint left by the maturation process. A fresh, clean nose with hints of citrus and boiled sweets. It has a complex and balanced palate with fresh clean raisin, fruit and an exceptionally soft finish. This is a super-premium and highly versatile rum that will appeal to premium vodka and gin drinkers.


Elements Eight Spiced (St Lucia)


Elements 8 Barrel Infused Spiced Rum is a complex combination of pot and column still distillation.  The blend of rums are married with the 10 spices and infused within the once used Bourbon barrels.  This process is akin to different barrel finishes seen in the whisky world where blends are finished in sherry, port and Madeira casks for example. The result is a harmonious balance of 10 St Lucian fruits and spices expertly married with fine aged rum.  We believe it to be the most complex spiced rum out there. Tropically aged in "number 1 select" Bourbon barrels. 'Barrel Infused' with 10 natural, exotic St Lucian fruits and spices: cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, star anise, vanilla, lemon, orange, coconut and honey.

Engenho Terra Vermelha 100% Organic Cachaca (Brazil)



Terra Vermelha 100% Organic Cachaça is a handcrafted product produced by an environmentally friendly company in the South of Brazil. The distillery is certified organic by the IBD (Institutio Biodinamico), USDA and IFOAM. It has also recently received accreditation from the OFF (Organic Food Federation) in the UK. The organic sugar cane is hand harvested and the juice is organically fermented. This is then put through traditional copper pot stills. Only the ‘heart’ of the distillation is used in the production of Terra Vermelha. The Cachaça is rested for between 6 and 12 months in purpose built barrels made of jequitiba rosa, a noble Brazilian hard wood which is considered to be neutral in flavour. Terra Vermelha has an incredibly fresh and fruity flavour profile. Clean, lively fruit and sugar cane dominate on the nose and then follow through onto the palate. The Cachaça is very smooth and supple with a great freshness.


English Harbour White (Antigua)



English Harbour White Rum is a superior excellence and flavour. This Rum is aged a minimum of three years in oak casks, and gives an exceptional smooth mellow flavour. Because of its taste, English Harbour 3 Year Rum can be consumed straight, on the rocks with a twist of lime, or with any of the world's favourite mixers.


English Harbour 5yr (Antigua)



English Harbour 5yr old Rum is a premium quality aged rum It is aged in small 220 litre charred oak barrels to give it a uniquely silky and mellow flavour. English Harbour is an authentic single estate Caribbean Rum, produced and bottled at source in Antigua. The colour is amber with a tinge of orange. The nose has mild spice and bread aromas. A good round start leads to a glycerol, off dry medium to full bodied palate. Then a robust toffee roasted nuts, and brown spice flavours in the middle. The finish is long, rich with a fade of toffee and spice. It is very rich and excellent value for money.


English Harbour Extra Old (Antigua)

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Authentic Caribbean Rum produced and bottled at source in Antigua. Single estate and matured for longer than is normally required for an exceptionally smooth rum. Distilled in copper stills and aged in small 220 litre charred oak barrels to give it a uniquely silky and mellow flavour. Named after the famous Antiguan naval port of English Harbour; an 18th century theatre of war for Britain and France as they battled for world power. The nose is weighty and mature with lots of oak and walnuts with a hint of coconut and black fruits. The palate is oakey and well balanced medium body hints of tea, spice and tobacco with layers of fruit. The finish has dried fruits and oak on the back. This is elegant mature rum is a staff favourite.


English Harbour 10yr Old (Antigua)



Slightly heavier in flavour and taste than the five year old. Initially soft and closed. The smoky oak flavours are well balanced with citrus, dried fruits, vanilla and burnt sugar notes. Coconut, cinnamon and tropical flowers on the aroma prepare you for butterscotch in the initial taste followed by a touch of thick coffee and baked apple in the viscous mouth feel. Smoky cedar in the body lasts through the finish and opens beautifully revealing hints of spice, cardamom, menthol, rosemary, caramel and ripe blackberries.


English Harbour 1981 (Antigua)



Distilled in 1981 and bottled in 2006 –this is the oldest rum from the Antigua distillery. Smoky wood is evident in the first breath of the aroma followed by black cherry and currants. The initial taste does not disappoint with more dry wood, caramelized dark fruit and roasted cashew in the body. The finish is dominated by smoky wood balanced with cinnamon and soft nutmeg toned. The finish is slightly shorter than found in some older rums.


E.S.A. Field (Barbados)



Named after its creator Edward Samuel Allison Field, Barbados is internationally known as a blender of the world's finest rums. E.S.A.F. carries on this proud tradition of excellence for your drinking pleasure. It's smooth bouquet, the result of a secret blend formula in 1909 by Mr. E.S.A. Field using the extract from pure and natural sugar cane juice, has ensured that E.S.A.F. is Barbados' most popular and frequently requested rum. The nose has an enticing citrus note. The palate has clean taste, with a hint of the sweetness. Nice crisp finish.


Expedition White (Caribbean Blend)



Expedition White rum is a light delicately flavoured rum, best enjoyed as part of a long cool drink mixed with cola, fruit juices and other delicious combinations and in punches and cocktails.


Flamboyant Oak Aged (Mauritius)



This is a blend of oak aged rum of up to seven years old. The oak used to age the rum are used Bourbon casks. On the front of the bottle of Flamboyant is a picture of the tree ‘Flamboyant’ which flower is the national flower of Mauritius. Flamboyant comes into flower during the time of independence in March when the trees lining the sides of the roads in great avenues are ablaze with brilliant red colour. Golden in colour due to oak maturation, the rum has no artificially added colours. This is fantastic sipping rum with a big, smooth, well-rounded nose and palate.


Flor de Cana Extra Dry 4yr Old (Nicaragua)



The only white rum on the market that has been aged for 4yrs. It is dry, crystal clear and light bodied, making it absolutely perfect for tropical drinks. It also mixes extremely well with fruit juices, coke, sodas and tonic water. This is an excellent white rum and is wonderful neat over ice with squeeze of lime.


Flor de Cana Gold 4yr Old (Nicaragua)



Receiving its name from its golden, amber colour, this traditional 4 year old rum offers a medium body with a vanilla bouquet and delicious taste. Ideal for mixing with soda, colas or tonic water.


Flor de Cana Black Label 5yr Old (Nicaragua)



Appearance: The 5 years of aging in casks have given this Rum a beautiful amber colour. Nose: The aroma is sweet and nutty. You definitely get hints of nutmeg and citrus. First Impression: The Rum starts off lighter than I would have anticipated. The initial taste is very straight forward. The taste doesn’t linger to long on your palate.
Character & Body: It has a nice “easy” character. The Rum is simple to pick apart. It has a woody taste that you do not pick up from the aroma. The nuttiness is very evident in the after taste. The body is surprising light.


Flor de Cana Grand Resrve 7yr Old (Nicaragua)



The rum is aged for 7yrs. Warm orange, caramel, vanilla wafer nose. On the palate it is sweet with Smokey tastes of oak, melon, and pears. The finish has a wonderfully long pepper and orange character with lots of oak at the back. A very classy rum to savour.


Flor de Cana Centenario 12yr Old (Nicaragua)

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This is a superior, award winning full-bodied 12-year old rum that offers a rich amber colour and a distinctively smooth taste loaded with flavours of butter, toffee and baked apple. It is a pleasure to sip hand-warmed in a brandy glass, neat or on the rocks. A nice cigar would complement this rum,


Flor de Cana Centenario Gold 18yr Old (Nicaragua)



Ron Flor de Cana was first produced at the San Antonio sugar mill in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua in 1890, when young rums were consumed to celebrate the sugar cane harvest. Limited quantities of better tasting "aged" rums were reserved for and savoured by the proprietors of the mill. As the preference for "aged" rum spread to the population at large, Compania Licorera de Nicaragua was founded in 1937 and the commercial production of these fine quality "aged" rums began. The 18yr old has a rich copper colour. On the nose there are dark caramel, buttered nuts, and spice aromas. A rich, supple entry leads to a viscous and quite dry, full-bodied palate with robust dark chocolate, caramel, roasted nuts, and brown spice flavours. Finishes with a very long, charred oak, vanilla, and burnt caramel fade. A very serious, dry, and elegant rum.


Flor de Cana Centenario 21st 15yr Old (Nicaragua)



The rum is a limited edition super-premium rum produced to commemorate the 21st century. This rum is ideal for drinking on special occasions. Centenario 21 is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks and sipped delicately.


Foursquare Spiced (Barbados)



Foursquare Spiced Rum is aged with flavours added in the distillery. The actual recipe is a family secret passed down through five generations. It is bottled in square hand crafted European glass bottles with a hand dipped wax seal. The colour is deep gold with a rich orange tone. There are aromas of sugared ginger, ginseng, and lemon grass on the nose. A good round start leads to a very smooth, dry, medium bodied palate with an interesting convergence of mixed spices, ginger and lemon grass and fruit at the end. The finish is dry captivating. This rum is unique and very appealing one of the best, spiced rums out there.


Germana Cachaca (Brazil)



Germana is a traditional Cachaça, aged in oak barrels for a unique and distinctive taste of Brazil's most popular drink. The bottle is wrapped in sugar cane leaves for a unique presentation. The nose has sugar cane in abundance and a pure balanced mix of cane sugar, Demerara, figs and dates. The palate is reserved with lots of cream and a prolonged spice finish.


Germana Single Barrel Cachaca (Brazil)



Germana Cachaca is a traditional cachaca and its prominent flavour and aroma are apparent when served alone and in cocktails. Germana is from the noble part of the distillate - it is distilled in copper pot stills, which intensifies the natural flavours and aroma of cane sugar. Germana is aged in oak casks where it acquires its golden colour and irresistible flavour.


Germana 10yr old Cachaca (Brazil)



Cachaca Germana 10 year old is distilled from totally organic cornmeal, which is manually harvested. It contains no additives or chemicals and the bottle is hand wrapped in banana leaves for the ultimate talking piece. It is allowed to age for 10 years in oak and balsamo casks to obtain it's wonderful golden colour and exquisite flavour.


Gosling Black Seal (Bermuda)



Goslings Black Seal Rum is blended in Bermuda to a long-standing recipe, using 3 to 6 year old rums to make up the blend. The run has a mahogany colour. The nose combines stewed fruits, coffee, treacle and some spice. It has a soft broad palate, with rich black fruits. Finish is spicy and clean, well balanced and not at all forced. Famed in Bermuda for making The Dark and Stormy. (Add ginger beer and lime juice).


Gosling Black Seal 151 (Bermuda)



Gosling Brothers Ltd. imported its first barrels of Caribbean rum into Bermuda in 1860. Numerous different blends were tried until one was formulated and deemed ideal. The result was a well-aged, extremely dark rum, which the firm dubbed "Old-Rum". For over 50 years the rum was sold only by draught, with local patrons bring in their own bottles to be filled. The rum continued to be sold exclusively out of the barrel until the First World War, when the company began filling champagne bottles reclaimed from the British Officer's mess. The corks were secured in place with the use of black sealing wax, prompting people to refer to the brand as "Black Seal." Very strong.


Gosling Gold (Bermuda)



Gosling has created a distinctive lighter rum that is impressing demanding rum enthusiasts everywhere. The colour of the rum is gold. The nose has vanilla, apricot, mango and a lightly smoked oak character. The palate is smooth but robust, with hints of citrus fruit flavours and nutty undertones. It has s smooth, long and warming finish. Gosling’s Gold includes in its blend, both pot still and continuous still distillates. One imparts flavour; the other yields a subtle elegance.


Gosling Family Reserve (Bermuda)



Appropriately called Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum, it is crafted from the same incomparable Bermuda blend that Gosling’s uses for their renowned Black Seal Rum. It is rested in oak barrels, aging until it has acquired an extra luscious, nuance complexity much like a rare Scotch or Cognac. A spirit this unusual deserves more than the usual bottle and label. So, Gosling’s takes each bottle, hand-label it, dip it in wax, number it, encircle it with a metal band and then place it in a straw-filled wooden box reminiscent of days past.


Green Island Superior Light (Mauritius)



This rum has been around since 1960 and to this day remains in the same distinctive packaging. The rum is made from molasses and has gone through a 4 column still. Green Island Superior Light Rum is a blend of 3 and 5 year oak aged rums. During the ageing process the rum takes on a golden colour from the oak casks. The aged rum then undergoes a charcoal filtration where the golden colour is removed without affecting its taste profile. The rum is extremely smooth and has a lot of complexity on the nose and palate. Hints of grass, aniseed, herbs, coconut, chocolate, fennel and cane are just some of the aromatics coupled with a creaminess and subtlety that makes it unusual and yet a very impressive rum.


Green Island Spiced (Mauritius)



It’s hardly surprising that Mauritius, being on the original spice route, would not produce a spiced rum. The base for the Spiced Gold is Green Island Superior Light Rum with spices added. The recipe remains a secret but it’s possible to detect vanilla and cinnamon on the nose which follow through onto the palate, cloves and ginger then come into play too. This is well rounded with a good balance of spice, great in a spiced mojito.


Green Island Overproof 75.5% (Mauritius)



The rum is made from molasses and is put through a four column still. The final product is a blend of up to 5 year old, oak aged rums which have undergone charcoal filtration to remove the straw colour gained from the ageing process. The character and complexity of the 151 is true to the Superior Light with notes of aniseed, mint, grass and vanilla just being a few of the many hints and flavours to be found in Green Island Rum.


Green Island Tilambic 151 (Mauritius)



Hansen 40.0% (Jamaica)

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Hansen Rum is a superior blend of carefully selected rum distillates from the Caribbean. This original Jamaican rum has been blended by the Rum House Hansen in Germany since 1868. Hansen Rum is the favoured base for Grog in Northern Europe.


Hansen 54.0% (Jamaica)

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Hansen 54% Rum is a superior over-proof blend of carefully selected rum distillates from the Caribbean. This original Jamaican rum has been blended to navy strength by The Rum House Hansen in Germany since 1868.


Havana Club 15yr Old (Cuba)



Havana Club 15yr Old has been created by selecting the best quality reserve rums of Cuba. It is the result of a lengthy and complex aging process, which has produced a rum with a flavour, that will please even the most particular palates. The colour of the rum is mahogany. Rich and elegant, ripe concentrated fruits on the nose. The palate is rich in sweet flavours, creamy coffee with a silky texture, mouth filling with lots of vanilla. A huge finish, rich, sweet and vanilla again. This is truly a classic with aficionados.


Havana Club 3yr Old (Cuba)



Havana Club 3 year old rum is distilled from fermented molasses and is the colour of yellow straw from being aged in oak barrels. A concentrated nose, with nuts, spices and is quite sweet. The palate is soft with tropical fruits and vanilla. Has a satisfying nutty and crisp finish


Havana Club 7yr Old (Cuba)



The Havana Club 7yr Old is the oldest available rum in the normal Havana Club range. Some are older, but not for sale in every country. The Havana Club 15yr old is now available in the United Kingdom. The rum is almost coffee in colour. The nose has espresso with nutmeg and caramelised fruits. The palate is powerful with balanced dried wood and tobacco leaf. The finish has lots of wood and is crisp. This rum is well balanced and in our opinion, a sipping rum for sure. No ice, no water, just rum.


Havana Club Anejo Blanco (Cuba)



Havana Club Anejo Blanco is the youngest Havana Club rum and is a traditional Cuban white rum. Anejo means aged - a feature that differentiates Havana Club rums from most of the competition. The rum is a blend of selected "aguardientes" aged in white oak barrels. Additional filtering, blending and further ageing give this young white rum delicacy, lightness and a subtle yellow colour. The rum is pale straw in colour. A leafy nose with hints of onion. The palate is clean and soft with nuts and vanilla. The finish is soft and clean, and has more weight and character than the silver.


Havana Club Anejo Especial (Cuba)



Havana Club Anejo Especial is made from a mixture of the best rum styles, both young and old, giving a well-balanced blend. All these rums are produced from the finest sugar cane available. Older rums add complexity while younger rums contribute fresh liveliness. Don Navarro who is a master blender then blends the rums. The rum is a reserve by virtue of its balance rather than the age of all its constituents. The rum is bright amber in colour. The nose has plenty of coffee, chocolate, herbs and a hint of ginger. It is young on the palate, with lots of chocolate, banana and other fruits. The finish is quite long and silky. This rum is well-balanced rum.


Havana Club Seleccion de Maetros (Cuba)



Appearance: In the bottle Havana Club Cuban Barrel Proof looks dark amber with an almost red glow when inspected in the light and in the glass, as expected, slightly lighter amber with darker core highlights. The rum seems to have strong legs that appear as scattered droplets sluggishly making their way down the sides of the glass. Nose: Due to higher than normal alcohol content the nose of this particular rum is spicy, thus making it challenging to recognize different aromas, though there are hints of caramel and leather lingering near the mouth of the glass. Taste: At first sip a myriad of flavours spread around the mouth, most notable is the spiciness that settles in the palate. Havana Club Cuban Barrel Proof has some fruitiness, definite wood aromas and once swallowed it spreads warmth all over the upper body. Finish: The finish is sweet and smoky and has round flavours of wood and cigars.


Havana Club Maximo Ron Extra Anejo 50cl (Cuba)



Havana Club Maximo Ron Extra Anejo is the culmination of this rum making craft. It is made by blending the finest and oldest rum reserves that have been left to age in the Havana Club cellars in respect of the genuine tradition of Cuban rum making Havana Club Maximo Ron Extra Anejo displays an impressive deep dark amber glow testimony to its long natural aging. On the nose it reveals an outstandingly rich, intense, persistent yet delicate aroma. It impresses with its unparalleled complexity, sign of graceful maturity; balanced notes of oak, smokiness and subtle tones of fresh pear, coconut and dried fruit. On the palate it is robust yet velvety smooth. It is both dry and sweet. The wood imparts a silky opulence, a cascade of savours accented by dark chocolate, luscious dried fruits and a hint of vanilla. this rum has an extremely enduring finish, with irresistible spicy notes and uncommon persistence.


Inner Circle Red Dot (Australia/Fiji)



Inner Circle was first made in the last century strictly for the pleasure of the CSR Company’s employees and very special clients only—hence the name. The colour is deep amber. The nose has tantalizing caramel and butter notes. A soft round start leads to a light, possibly medium bodied palate with dry caramel, black pepper and spice at the back. The finish is quite mild with lots of caramel.


Inner Circle Green Dot Over proof (Australia/Fiji)

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Inner Circle Rum is produced using the pot still method, rather than the continuous distillation method. Whilst this method is more labour intensive, it is generally agreed that pot still rums are of a higher quality. The rum has a deep amber colour. The nose has strong toffee, brown spice and floral aromas. A round, soft start leads to a big, full- bodied palate with dried tropical fruits in abundance, burnt caramel, buttered

roasted nuts and brown spices. The finish has a colossal eruption of peppercorns, hot spice and minerals, yet a slight rubbery edge. It essentially fells comparable with the elegance and structure of a fine Armagnac.


J.M Rhum Agricole Blanc (Martinique)



The Rhum JM Blanc combines the intense power of the best sugarcane on the island of Martinique. Aromas of white pepper and lilies give way to pineapples, raspberry and warm biscuits on the palate. The finish is long and dry. Perfect for delicious fruit cocktails, a mojito or a simple Ti’ Punch


J.M Rhum Agricole Gold (Martinique)



Naturally aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months and then bottled at the Fonds-Préville distillery. JM Gold displays a rich golden colour. Its flavours are dominated by fresh cane with notes of spices and fruit. On the palate its aromas of dried fruit coat the palate. The rum has a long finish.


J.M Rhum Vieux 1998 (Martinique)

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This gorgeous rum – vintage1997 has elegant copper tones. Its generous bouquet of toasted nut, lemon and sage is followed by flavours of fruit cake, mango and passion fruit with hints of white pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg. The explosion of aromas on the palate is matchless and the finish is fabulous.


J.M Rhum XO Reserve (Martinique)



JM Special Reserve is a blend of 4 and 5 year old rums selected and blended together to create a fine sipping aged rum. Aromas combine cane flavours, spices and dried fruits. The rum has the spicy characteristic style of J.M. It combines the smooth taste of alcohol with delicate woody notes.


J.M Rhum 1992 (Martinique)



Intense copper colour with mahogany reflections, the rhum JM Hors D’age is a treasure just for its visual qualities as much by its flavour profile and gastronomic qualities. Its perfect balance, complexity and harmony will be satisfying to the most discerning connoisseur’s palate.


Jamaican Vintage 1941 (Jamaica)



Jefferson’s Extra Fine Dark Rum (Caribbean Blend)

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Jefferson's Extra Fine Dark Rum is an impressive marriage of two classic rum styles aged in oak casks to impart a complex balance of flavours. In character, Jefferson's is a rich, beautifully textured dark rum displaying a fine balance of deep toffee, liquorice and vanilla with a subtle hint of honeycomb and ripe fruit at the finish.


KarukeraVieux Agricole Reserve (Guadeloupe)



Karukera Agricole Blanc (Guadeloupe)



Koko Kanu (Jamaica)



Jamaica's Arawak Indians are a part of the Island's colourful history and they gave the language of the island several words including Hammock and Canoe. Now, Jamaica's leading rum producer, names Koko Kanu in honour of that proud and peaceful people. Jamaican folk songs recount the potency of rum and coconut. This legendary combination has been subtly blended in Koko Kanu to harmonize the natural aroma and flavour of coconuts with the finest Jamaican Rum. Enjoy Koko Kanu on its own or mixed.


Kraken Black Spiced (U.S.A.)



The Kraken is imported black rum from the Caribbean and blended with over 11 secret spices. The rum takes its name from the mythical sea beast which is said to have wreaked havoc with tall ships and rum running vessels throughout history. While the smooth taste of The Kraken lends itself to be enjoyed as sipping rum, it can also be enjoyed as a key ingredient in traditional cocktails like the Kraken & cola. For an interesting and new taste experience, try The Kraken with your favourite energy drink. The rick black color takes its hue from the mysterious ink that, as legend has, the Kraken covered its prey with during fierce battles at sea. The Krakens proprietary bottle is a replica of a Victorian Rum bottle and features two handles allowing for easy portability.


L’Amitie White (Mauritius)



La Hechicera (Columbia)



La Hechicera is a premium blended rum from Colombia. Using pure rums from sugar cane grown in the South Caribbean that have been aged between 12 and 21 years in American white oak casks, the spirit, which is made using the solera method, is described as having a 'heady scent of toffee and orange peel on the nose, followed by a bold burst of flavour on the palate with distinctive notes of tobacco and roasted coffee.' It is designed to be drunk neat or over ice. 


La Mauny Rhum Agricole 40.0% (Martinique)



La Mauny white rhum has a light delicate fruity aroma like the smell of freshly cut sugar cane.


La Mauny Rhum Agricole 50.0% (Martinique)

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La Mauny white rhum has a light delicate fruity aroma like the smell of freshly cut sugar cane.


La Mauny Ambre Eleve Sous Bois (Martinique)

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18 months in oak tuns give the "Élevé sous Bois" LA MAUNY rum, a nice amber colour and a fine wooded flavour. Pure or mixed with fruit juice, the "Élevé sous bois" LA MAUNY rum is the perfect base for Ti punch’s or cocktails.


La Mauny Rhum VO (Martinique)

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Slowly aged in oak tuns, the VO (Very Old) quality of this rum is a sign of quality. Let it captivate you by its softness typical of the A.O.C. Martinique Label. This old rum is well balanced. It presents an excellent aromatic taste. This product has obtained in 2002 a gold medal at the rum festival


La Mauny Rhum VSOP (Martinique)

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For 4 years of ageing in oak cask, this rum acquired a wonderful balance and a superb harmony in its aromas: slight wooden notes, "pot pourri" perfume, plum jam or cooked fruits savours...to be appreciated after a good meal.


La Mauny Rhum XO (Martinique)

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The fine art of blending is expressed to its fullest in this choice La Mauny XO rum. XO rum reflects the quality of expertise of La Mauny’s Master Blender.


La Mauny Rhum 1998 (Martinique)

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Poured into old barrels in 1998, this old vintage La Mauny 1998 is characterized by the complexity of its aromas, fruit of double ageing process.


La Mauny Rhum 1995 (Martinique)



This single vintage 1995 has to be appreciated in a connoisseur way: heated up in the hand for a few moments, it will reveal sugarcane and vanilla aromas: a digestive you have to taste delicately.


La Mauny Rhum Rubis (Martinique)


Rhum La Mauny Extra Rubis is a jewel that is born as a blend of agricultural rhums aged in different years and stored in barrels of different origins. Rare and top quality products which fall into the category of spirits tasting, like whisky and cognac, the result of the valuable work carried out by master distillers at La Mauny.

Lambs Navy (Caribbean Blend)

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The Alfred Lamb tradition dates back to 1849 when Mr Alfred Lamb opened a wine and spirit business in London, ageing casks in cool cellars beneath the River Thames

and when the windjammers probably still had to outrun the pirates to deliver the precious spirit. Lamb's Navy Rum is a blend of 18 of the finest, smoothest, Caribbean rums from Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and aged for up to four years. The colour is mahogany. The nose has brown sugar, coffee grounds, and molasses aromas with a whiff of spray. A soft start leads to a dry light to medium-bodied palate with molasses, dark raisin, sharp white pepper, and tar notes. The finish has a drying fade of mocha and tannin. This navy rum is solid with a good tradition.


Lemon Hart Gold (Jamaica)

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In the late 18th century Mr. Lemon Hart became the first supplier of rum to the British Royal Navy.  In 1804 he moved his business from his small merchant’s premises in Cornwall, England to London and soon casks of the finest rums were bought across the high seas from the Caribbean, to be blended into a rare and magnificent product, which today, nearly two centuries later, remains a drink to be savoured.


Leblon Cachaca (Brazil)



Leblon is a blend of hand-crafted batch Cachaças from Minas Gerais. Only using the golden pick of the heart of the distillation where the nose is most vibrant. Leblon is then lightly rested in Cognac XO barrels to provide a smooth, creamy finish. Leblon is a refined complex Cachaça that shows off neat and plays well in a Caipirinha wherever you are. Clear with a faint straw hue. Sweet creamy vanilla pudding, light caramel, and spicy aromas. A smooth entry leads to an off-dry medium-full body of toasty coconut shavings, creamy vanilla, and brown spices. Finishes with a long, caramel, mineral, and white pepper fade. A very nice, vibrant-yet-mellow style.


Los Valientes 10yr Old 50cl (Mexico)



Ron Los Valientes, named after the fighters of the Mexican Revolution, fascinatingly, does not only consist of molasses but is, in fact, a blend of molasses and sugar cane juice from the region of Veracruz, famous for its sugar cane plantations. The sugar cane juice is slowly fermented and double distilled in pot stills in small batches, whereas the molasses are fermented quickly and in distilled in column stills. Only the heart from the second distillation of the cane juice is used and blended with the column distilled molasses with a 70:30 juice to molasses ratio. A charcoal filtration is applied after which the blend is laid to rest in casks for 10, 15 and 20 years. Ron Los Valientes 10 Year Old comes in a thin, slender and tall bottle with a nicely decorated label carrying the crest of Villanueva family. Appearance: Dark amber with orange tints. Nose: The gentle and warm nose has subtle complexity and mild to strong honeyed nuances with toffee, lots of caramel, vanilla and roasted pineapple. Having sat on the desk for a while the rum has now developed notes of apple that climb up to the edge of the glass along with sweet caramel and fruit. Palate: The rum is cool to the mouth at first and then delivers a somewhat spiky taste with earthy flavours, pineapple, caramel, smoky malt and some bitterness. Finish: After swallowing the rum continues to warm and tingle in the mouth, followed by smoky malt flavour, marzipan, floral notes and tropical fruit, quickly turning into a soft but somewhat dusty flavour with endless earthiness and heat that glows in the chest. This delicate yet multifaceted rum has well balanced, pleasant flavours and aromas. Ron Los Valientes 10 Year Old would be great to enjoy with a nice, mild to medium bodied cigar.


Los Valientes 15yr Old 50cl (Mexico)



Ron Los Valientes 15 Años Añejo Especial is made using the same methods as the 10 year old the only difference being the blend of rums that has been aged a tad longer in the White Oak casks. The design of the bottle is exactly the same, apart from the different age statement and different colour of the seal. One other detail in the bottles I haven't mentioned is the map showing the coastline of eastern Mexico where Veracruz is situated. Appearance: Much darker than the 10 year old, the 15 year old is dark copper and has long and slender legs not unlike an graceful female. Nose: lush toffee accompanied by raisins and a hint of leather rush out of the bottle nose like the dust from an ancient pyramid whose seal has just been broken. In the glass a very warm nose equally lush with toffee and an addition of roasted caramel, honey and a touch of musk lying under the very tender alcohol note. The latter becomes evident as you blow in the glass to clear some of the alcohol vapours. Palate: Much like the nose, toffee is the first thing to coat the palate after which there is burnt caramel. The harmonious body has a velvet touch and coats the entire mouth with its opulence. Finish: At first, buttery, then a very warming and lush wave of smooth toffee increases all across the mouth and nose while the rum keeps glowing on the way down. The finish leaves you calm and content. Like the 10 year old, this rum might also pair well with a cigar, albeit a more full-bodied one than the medium bodied cigar. Ron Los Valientes 15 Años Añejo Especial is everything the first aromas from the nose of the bottle promise and more.


Los Valientes 20yr Old 50cl (Mexico)

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The third and the oldest of the three rums, Ron Los Valientes 20 Años Añejo Reserva Especial carries the signature of the Cellar Master to indicate his devotion and pride of the product he has nurtured for so long in the cellars of Veracruz. The bottling date is displayed and the bottles are hand numbered. Appearance: The older the Los Valientes the darker the rum; Los Valientes 20 year is dark brown with red and amber highlights. The legs are serious, almost like honey as they fasten to the glass. Nose: The nose is somewhat mellower than the nose of the 15 year old while retaining its subtle complexity. Well balanced vanilla and floral notes form the first coating accentuated by caramel and honey, toffee and molasses lying underneath. Letting the rum breathe for a while reveals a third layer consisting of nuts and the familiar buttery note found in Los Valientes 15 year old. Palate: incredibly smooth and light mouth feel that is not as covering and sweet as the 15 year old, with slight floral and earthy notes beside musk and bitter nuts that appear as the nectar warms up in the mouth. Finish: Wood with a trace of smoke play around in the mouth while a thin oily layer coats the palate, after which there is an eruption of earth that melds in the mouth with the buttery flavours that quickly appease the negligible spiciness. The finish turns a bit dusty after a while with rising tobacco and earth notes towards the end. Let the rum patiently unwind for a while in the glass and it will open up to you enlightening deeper, more complex aromas and flavours than you get from the first sip. I would recommend a Cohiba Rubustos or a Montecristo No2 to turn this rum into something wonderful.


Malecon 15yr (Panama)



Malecon 18yr (Panama)



Malecon 21yr (Panama)



Malecon 25yr (Panama)



Malecon 1976 Esplendida (Panama)



Matusalem Classico 10yr (Dominican Republic)



Matusalem Classico is a classic golden rum, crafted from select rums aged in oak. The rum has a light to medium amber colour. The nose is quite sweet with a vibrant banana and butterscotch aroma. A silky start leads to a glycerol, dry, medium-bodied palate with roasted nuts, caramel, and fruitcake notes. The finish is graceful with a nice pepper and oak spice fade.


Matusalem 7yr Old (Dominican Republic)



This is the latest addition to the popular Matusalem range of rums. Introduced in Santiago de Cuba in 1872, Matusalem Rum was the preferred rum in Cuba for its exquisite taste and smoothness. Matusalem’s reputation spread the world over when Cuba became the destination of choice for celebrities and trendsetters from the 1930s through the 1950s. However, with the rise of the Castro revolution, Matusalem Rum manufacturing was stopped in Cuba and moved to the Dominican Republic.


Matusalem Gran Reserva 15yr (Dominican Republic)



Matusalem Gran Reserva 15yr Solera Blend. Known as the "Cognac of Rums”. The rum has a bright copper colour. The nose is soft with toffee and butter aromas. A smooth start leads to a round, fruity yet dry, medium-bodied palate with chocolate and brown spice notes. The finish is smooth and spicy with oak flavours. What we have here is wonderfully balanced, velvety, aged rum. Originally produced over 130 years ago in Santiago de Cuba this is the choice for aficionados looking for exceptional quality.


Matusalem Plantino (Dominican Republic)



This premium white rum is a unique blend of triple distilled, handcrafted spirits. The rum is crystal clear in appearance. The nose is fragrant in cotton candy, mocha, and coconut cream aromas. A smooth start leads to a dry, light to medium body with fruity, toasted coconut and subtle spice notes. The finish is smooth with a dry and fruity aftertaste. This white rum is superbly balanced and appetizing.


Mezan (St Lucia)

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A speciality rum, with a distinctively clean house style. The white rums are aged before blending and the Over proof 151, sold at ‘Island Strength’ of  75.5% is one of the strongest rums on the market and makes an excellent cocktail base.


Mezan 151 (St Lucia)

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A speciality rum, with a distinctively clean house style. The white rums are aged before blending and the Over proof 151, sold at ‘Island Strength’ of 75.5% is one of the strongest rums on the market and makes an excellent cocktail base.


Mezan Grenada Westerhall 1998 (Grenada)



Mezan Guyana Enmore 1990 (Guyana)



Mezan Guyana Uitvlugt 1998 (Guyana)



Mezan Trinidad Caroni 1991 (Trinidad))



Mezan Panama Don Jose 1995 (Panama)



Mezan Jamaica Hampden 2000 (Jamaica)



Mezan Jamaica Hampden/Monymusk XO (Jamaica)



Mocambo 10yr (Mexico)



In a special edition, Licores Veracruz has created this line of Premium Aged Rum with both fine character and smooth mature taste. It is aged and selected by experts in old European white oak barrels. Noble origin and knowledge of time give a unique character to its aroma and flavour.


Mocambo 15yr 50cl (Mexico)



Mocambo 20yr 50cl (Mexico)



Magnificent and exclusive creation. Our Art Edition is a tribute to old pre-Hispanic techniques, combined with an Aged Rum of taste and character that only the nobleness of origin and the taste of the times can give us. The vision of the artist Victor Fernández to adorn this splendid Rum with natural fibres reflects old Mexican handicrafts in modern art. This distillate is a product carefully selected. It is extra fine and pleasant, created for connoisseurs. Each bottle is a unique artwork. Bark covers the glass like time slowly enriches this refined Rum in our oak barrels.


Mocambo Bucanner Pistol 10yr Old 20cl (Mexico)



Buccaneer style pistol filled with 10 year old Mexican rum. With a limited edition of rum and a unique design which evokes the era of the development of the first rums, we present the pistol Mocambo 1821.


Morton’s O.V.D. Demerara (Guyana)

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George Morton of Dundee originally imported Mortons OVD Rum in 1838 and is now Scotland’s leading dark rum. The colour is treacle dark. Slightly sweeter than most dark rums, OVD has a distinctive oak aroma that comes from the blending of some of the finest Demerara rums that have matured for up to seven years in oak. OVD is creamy rum, with complex toffee flavours, rich and fruity on the palate and with a mellow finish.


Morton’s O.V.D. Spiced (Guyana)

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George Morton of Dundee originally imported Morton’s OVD Rum in 1838 and is now Scotland’s leading dark rum. OVD Spiced adds a new twist to the old classic.

The rum has sweet vanilla and toffee with hints of ginger and lime. The palate is full bodied but smooth vanilla spice with a touch of bitter/dark chocolate. The rum has long warming finish, with a hint of oak/tobacco.


Mount Gay Eclipse (Barbados)



Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, the epitome of tradition in the art of rum-making in Barbados and the English-speaking Caribbean, was created almost 300 years ago to satisfy, for all time, the palates of connoisseurs the world over. The rum has golden amber colour. The nose has a sweet buttery caramel, banana, and apple aromas. A round start leads to a lush, dry medium body with buttery caramel and mashed banana flavours. The finish has a long nut and peppery spice fade. This rum is nice straight but exceptional for mixing.


Mount Gay Extra Old (Barbados)



Mount Gay Extra Old Barbados Rum is a skill full blend of the finest old spirits, carefully selected from aged reserves. The colour is bright copper. The nose is rich with toffee, roasted nuts, brown spices, and ripe banana aromas. A great burst of flavours at the start leads to a robust dry, fruity medium to full bodied palate with generous amounts of roasted nuts, toffee, and brown spice flavours. The finish is long with toffee, cedar and spice at the end. This rum is multifaceted and elegant with a gorgeous oak influence.


Mount Gay 1703 (Barbados)



Blended entirely from the treasures of Mount Gay’s prized reserve, each aged for 10 to 30 years, the rare 1703 is a masterpiece of perfect splendour, mouth-wateringly multifaceted nectar created by artisans and rum masters with centuries of skill and proficiency. The remarkable rich copper hues of this heavy-bodied spirit are the first signs of its exclusive and exceptional qualities. The nose suggests the complexity of fine cognac. The taste presents a deep, rich bouquet of oak, toffee and leather, seamlessly intertwined with mellow notes of ripe banana, candied fruits and soft spices, melting slowly into a smooth, lingering finish.


Mount Gay Tricentennial Selection (Barbados)

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Packaged in a specially designed decanter, this limited-edition blend of Mount Gay Distillery's oldest & finest stocks is a memento of Mount Gay Rum's first three hundred years. This edition is limited to 3000 bottles worldwide. The very special blend is composed of rums coming from 3 exceptional vintages - 1969, 1974, and 1976 Appearance its deep amber colour is its reward after years of maturation in toasted oak. Once awakened by the swirling of the glass, the dark golden liquid makes its return trip, down the side of the vessel with coarse long "legs", revealing its high viscosity; again the result of perfect extraction of the vital ingredients of the barrel over years of patient rest. Aroma Rich notes of smoked American White Oak, with aromatic barrel tonalities of vanilla, bitter almond, light spices and nuts in a complex but well-balanced combination of fruity elements; notably the full-bodies fragrance of prune, the light tartness of tamarind and the sweetness of banana and apricot. Taste Blended using the time-honoured formula of Eclipse, this product, with its full-bodied, almost syrupy texture brought about by extensive aging, possesses a rich intensity of smoked notes, oak character, bitter almond and a sweet, fruity character which are the hallmarks of a long and worthwhile contact with wood as some rums in the blend dating as far back as 1969.


Mount Gilboa Triple Distilled (Barbados)

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Mount Gilboa from St Lucy, Barbados. Mount Gilboa(Original name of Mount Gay) rum is triple distilled using traditional pot-stills, produced in the oldest Barbados family owned distillery, with Frank Ward, a key figure in the West Indies Rum & Spirits Producers' Association, overseeing production.  For over 300 years there has been a history of rum-making at Mount Gilboa. Aubrey Ward was a passionate pioneer in the production of fine rums and the distillation of rum by pot still remains a cherished family tradition. This passion continued into his 4th generation descendant, Frank Ward Jr, who created this unique rum encapsulating the rich history. Mount Gilboa is currently the only blend sold by this company but the long traditions of rum provides a marvellous base for other spirits to develop. Appearance: Rich Amber. Aroma: Rich aromas of summer citrus and tropical fruits, with a hint of toffee and caramel. Palate: A robust entry, due to ageing in American oak barrels and triple pot still, this leads to a vibrant, off-dry and full-bodied palate with nut toffee and brown spices flavours. Finishing with a linger fade of coffee, cocoa, cigar box, pepper and a copper tang. A dash of water opens up further intriguing complexities.


Myers (Jamaica)



Myers’s is 100% Jamaican Rum using only pure Jamaican molasses. A blend of up to nine select rums, Myers’s is produced from continuous and pot still distillation and is then matured for up to four years in white oak barrels. The rum has a mahogany colour. The first thing you notice is the charred wood aroma with a phenol edge at the back. A heavy start leads to a mildly sweet, full-bodied palate of dark caramel and toasted coconut husks. The finish has a hit of spicy heat and a charred whiskey barrel note. Myers aficionados swear by it neat, it also makes a great mixer.


New Grove Plantation Blanc (Mautitius)



New Grove Oak Aged (Mautitius)



New Grove 5yr Old (Mautitius)



New Orleans (U.S.A.)



Celebration Distillation Corporation is the oldest premium rum distillery on the U.S. mainland. Long famous for sugar cane, Louisiana did not boast a local rum until Celebration Distillation Corporation filled that niche. The distillery was hand built, beginning with their unique combination pot and column still. The rum has a pale amber colour. The nose has a sweet creamed coffee, cream soda, and damp spice aromas. An even start leads to a dry, light to medium-bodied palate with subtle mocha and toffee flavours. The finish has coffee like character with drying tannins and white pepper, quite spicey. It has an interesting coffee character in flavour throughout.


Old Port Deluxe (India)

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A mellow dark rum, Old Port Rum has the unique aroma of Indian cane. Made by Amrut Distilleries Ltd of Bangalore, it has the characteristics of oak vanillin flavours. Rum is a popular drink in India and Amrut Distilleries has a long tradition of making both dark and light rums for the domestic market. It made its very first rum – Amrut XXX – in 1948 and is now one of the leading suppliers of rum in the south of India. Old Port Rum calls on this lifetime of experience in its family recipe to produce its distinct characteristics. Made from molasses from sugar cane grown in the Belgaum district of northern Karnataka, Old Port Rum recalls the land where the cane grows. Belgaum is a fertile district, irrigated by the Netravati River. In its rich black soil, corn, wheat, rice, ground nut and cotton grow alongside the sugar cane. The molasses is distilled under licence and then transported the 650km south to Karnataka’s capital Bangalore, where Amrut Distilleries is based. It is here that this unique rum is put into its distinctive bell-shaped bottles. Designed especially by Amrut Distilleries’ own creative team, the bottles are hand-crafted in Calcutta.


Pampero Especial (Venezuela)



Luis Manuel Toro and Alejandro Hernandez created Pampero in Caracas, Venezuela in 1938 with the founding of a rum and wine business. Pampero is authentic Venezuelan rum of superior quality and was the first aged rum, establishing the maturity process for rum worldwide. The rum is named after an intense three-day thunderstorm that occurs over the plains of Latin America called a pampero. The brands logo also represents the Llañero, a traditional worker that started the revolution against Spanish rule in Venezuela. The Pampero Especial is a well-balanced flavoursome punchy rum, with a woody, sweet and honey taste. Pampero is 100% dark Venezuelan rum, a blend of several rums aged for a minimum of two years in white oak cask. The casks are then stored in the Hacienda in Ocumane, Venezuela.


Pampero Blanco (Venezuela)




Pampero Anniversario (Venezuela)



Anniversario is everything a rum should be. In the bottle it's dark and inviting. To the nose it's warm, smooth, and gently spicy. And to the tongue it's deep and tingly. This rum isn't so much distinctive as it is classic. From its presentation in a uniquely squat, individually numbered bottle wrapped in a leather bag, through its first, second, and umpteenth sip - this is a rum to be enjoyed time and again. Dark chestnut. Full bodied. Reminiscent of butterscotch, pipe tobacco, coffee, black walnut. Rich, creamy texture. So smooth and deep, one may be tempted to use a spoon. Has a buttery, thick feel with lovely, baked, layered flavours. A world class, slow sipping spirit, match it with a rich Churchill cigar.


Pirassununga 51Cachaca (Brazil)

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Cachaca 51 is the most popular and the best selling distilled sugar-cane liquor in Brazil. For years, it has been making up more than thirty percent of the market share and become a beverage icon in the country. It has been produced for four decades. Cachaca 51 is one exemplar model. It has international standard and that is due to its quality and pureness. Its production methods are among the most advanced in the world. Its concept "Good Idea" has turned into a popular saying all over Brazil. It is also known in dozens of markets abroad, and it is one of the most exported Cachaca brands from Brazil.


Pink Pigeon Vanilla (Mauritius)



Plantation Dark (Trinidad & Tobago)



Plantation Dark Overproof (Trinidad & Tobago)



Plantation 1999 (Guyana)

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Plantation Rum 1990 Guyana is aged for 12 years and is an exceptional rum only available in very limited quantities. The rum has a gorgeous orange amber colour. The nose is fruity sweet and spicy with dried tropical fruits and flower aromas. A rich start leads to a robust, off dry, full-bodied palate with cocoa, cardamom, anise, and cedar wood. Finishes with a long, fruity, complex fade of nuts, cigar box, mocha and toffee. A very fruity and flavourful aged rum.


Plantation 2000 (Barbados)



Plantation Rum 1993 Barbados is rum that is distilled in a small copper pot still. While considerably more demanding and costly, this method produces a rum with great finesse. The rum is deep amber in colour. The nose has aromas of spicy, floral, and crème brulée. A velvety start leads to a semisweet, medium-bodied palate with delicious caramel and brown spice notes. Finishes with a nutty peppery, oak fade. Well balanced aged rum with easy-drinking appeal.


Plantation 20th Anniversary Extra Old  (Barbados)



Plantation Grand Revrve 5yr Old  (Barbados)



Plantation Gran Anejo (Guatemala)



Plantation 2000 (Trinidad)



Plantation Rum 1996 Trinidad is produced from the finest sugar cane in the world. The colour is a rich gold. On the nose there is a buttery caramel, corn and spice aromas. A round start leads to an off dry, chewy, medium-to full-bodied palate with fruity sweet toffee, white fudge, and baked apples. The rum finishes with a candied fruit peel and spice. A subtle, understated style with a lot of polish.


Plantation 2002 (Panama)



Expressive and elegant, this rum offers unique and harmonious characteristics. The colour of the rum is golden. On the nose it is quite subtle and alive; it reveals herbaceous aromas of thyme and eucalyptus, then fruity aromas of pineapple and banana. On the palate the eucalyptus and exotic fruit aromas are still present. The finish has beautiful notes of toasted vanilla and honey.


Plantation 2001 (St Lucia)

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St Lucia 2001 reveals in distinctive origins with force and complexity, whilst respecting a perfect balance. The rum is quite dark with a red glint. The nose has roasted banana with herbaceous and freshly cut hay notes pepper and nut meg at the back. On the palate it has wood, spices then plenty of sugar cane. The finish is dry and long lasting.


Plantation 1998 (Grenada)

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Complete and refined, this rum reveals a rare subtlety from the very first moment. The rum as an old oak colour with mahogany glints. The nose has delicate jasmine notes followed by exotic aromas of pineapple, banana and vanilla. The palate has a floral tendency, honeysuckle jasmine been but two. Lots of oak and ripe fruit at the back the finish is long and with pepper and coriander at the end.


Plantation 2000 (Jamaica)



Distilled in an old pot still, Eight years of aging in small Limousin oak casks give a final touch to its subtle and smooth finish.  The colour is deep amber with a copper tint. It has a powerful nose of raisins and spice. A buoyant start leads to a slightly sweet, light-to medium-bodied palate with pungent, multi layered spices, figs, orange peel oak, and spicy caramel. Finishes with a long charred oak fade. The rum has an effective style.


Plantation 2001 (Nicaragua)



Complete and in constant evolution, this rum will develop a wonderful range of aromatic notes thanks to aging techniques very typical of Nicaragua. The colour of the rum is old gold with copper glints. The nose has powerful aromas of vanilla and oak, well complimented by vegetal notes. The palate has a great variety of flavours.


Porfidio Single Barrel Anejo (Mexico)



This rum is aged to perfection in virgin American oak barrels, which enhances the distinctive pure cane flavour and burnishes the rum with a golden glow. The colour of the rum is dark amber. On the nose there is light caramel with cinnamon hints. The palate is complex with candied fruit tones. The finis is spicy with a nice and soft caramel touch. This rum is astounding and incredible, to be sipped and savoured.

Porfidio Tripple Distilled Plata (Mexico)



The fermented cane juice is distilled three times, in traditional alembic pots, separating the heads and the tails at each distillation and only keeping the heart of each distillate. The colour of the rum is clear crystal. It has a vanilla and coconut milk nose. On the palate it has smooth honey and a flowery touch. It has a pure, clean and gentle sugary finish. This rum is tremendous for sipping.


Pussers Red Label (Caribbean Blend)

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Named after the daily ration of rum given to sailors in the British navy. The Royal Navy Sailor's Fund, a naval charity more commonly called the "Tot Fund" receives a substantial donation from the sale of each bottle of British Navy Pusser's Rum. Pusser's Red Label rum is the same rum with the same full flavour as the Blue Label but at a lower strength (42%abv) which makes it ideal for cocktail mixing.


Pussers Blue Label (Caribbean Blend)



Rum and the sea are inseparable, and no rum is more akin to the sea and the seaman than is British Navy Pusser’s Rum. For three hundred years or more sailors, from the Royal Navy were issued a daily ration of rum by the Purser (corrupted to "Pusser" by the Jack Tars). From 1655 to 1970 "Pusser’s Rum" was one of the few daily comforts afforded those early seamen of Britain's Navy as they fought across the globe to keep the Empire intact and its sea-lanes open. Pusser’s Rum was never sold or offered to the public, and if a rum connoisseur managed to acquire a tot or two, he saved it for a very special occasion. Pusser’s Rum is the same superb blend of five West Indian rums as served on board Their Majesties’ ships for three centuries. Today, it is still blended in accordance with the Admiralty’s exacting specifications of 1810. The rum is deep amber in colour. The nose has an enticing rubber sap marinated vinegar caramel and brown spice aromas. A round start shows the way to a glycerine off dry medium to full-bodied palate with Sherry brown spices, mineral spirits, roasted Brazil nuts, cedar, and toffee. Finishes with a touch of shellac, exotic peppercorn, and very spicy heat. A very hearty, time-honoured navy rum.


Pussers 15yr Old (Caribbean Blend)

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This superb rum has not only been aged in wood for 15 years, but has also been distilled in wood. It is the world's only rum, or for that matter the world's only spirit, that is still distilled in wood using the old, inefficient, handcrafted way in opposition to the modern method that employs semi-automatic metal column distillation. For 330 years from about 1640 until July 31st, 1970, Great Britain's Royal Navy issued a daily rum ration to the sailors on board its ships. The daily ration was known as a tot, and its issue and the ritual that went with it was one of the longest and unbroken traditions in the history of the sea. The rum used was a special rum called Navy or Admiralty Rum, or Pussers. Pussers Navy Rum today is the indistinguishable rum that was issued in the Royal Navy right up until the time of the custom's cessation on July 31st, 1970. The Pussers 15 year old is exceptional and comparable to the finest cognac or brandy in every way. Fascinatingly, at the end of 15 years of aging in wood, only about 7% of the original rum remains in the barrel. The balance will have evaporated into the air. Consequently it took the equivalent of about 16 bottles of rum to create this single bottle of 15 year old Pussers! This rum is truly for sipping, as you would a fine cognac.


Pussers Trafalgar Bicentennial 15yr Old (Caribbean Blend)

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Ship's decanters had their beginnings in the early naval sailing ships of the Royal Navy, and it would have been an exception to have found a captain's cabin without one - from the smallest to the largest vessel. This Trafalgar Bicentenary Decanter has been designed especially to commemorate Nelson and his great victory at Trafalgar. A limited edition of 36,000 units has been produced for distribution throughout the world. Each decanter is numbered on its bottom. The rum in this decanter has been aged for 15 years.


Pyrat XO (Anguilla)



Pyrat XO Reserve is a select blend of fine, 15 year old Caribbean rums. It’s smooth taste and the delicious flavour is complimented by its rich colour. Pyrat XO Reserve is excellent over ice with a twist of lemon or as an ingredient in a premium rum drink. The bottle is designed to be reminiscent of the old rum bottles hoarded and traded by pirates and ship captains of the 1800’s. Each bottle is hand filled and labelled.


Pyrat Pistol (Anguilla)



The “Pistol” bottle and blend are similar in flavour to Pyrat XO Reserve. It is slightly lighter in body and very drinkable. The Pyrat “Pistol” was inspired by a bottle size often carried on old English sailing ships. Pyrat rums are blended and produced on the island of Anguilla in the British West Indies. In addition to the current facility Anguilla Rums building an authentic stone rum blending complex on the beach at Road Bay, Anguilla. Rum has always played an imported role in Anguillas history.


Pyrat Cask 1623 (Anguilla)



Pyrat Cask 1623 is an ultra premium aged, limited production rum. This excellent dark amber rum is blended from the finest Caribbean rums, aged up to 40 years. Pyrat Cask has the body and colour of a rare cognac and is perfect for sipping. The bottle is a hand made, one-of-a-kind, numbered decanter. It is designed to feel good to the hand and reflect the delicious aged dark amber rum it protects. It is packaged in its own hand made cedar box individually signed and numbered by the craftsman. This is a very fine aged dark amber rum similar in colour and body to a rare cognac. This rum is exceptional when sipping with a fine cigar.


R.L. Seale’s 10yr Old (Barbados)



Made in the great tradition of fine Barbados rums is aged for a full 10 years in oak casks before blending and bottling. It is presented in a special bottle, the unique shape of which echoed that of the old leather bottles used by sailors of the period to carry their grog. The rum is amber in colour. A complex nose that is rich with figs and hints of tealeaf. The palate begins with cinnamon, leading to raisin and peach notes. The finish is dominated by cinnamon with toffee hints of vanilla and roasted almonds at the very end. Complexity abound.


Rebellion Spiced (Caribbean Blend)



Rebellion White (Caribbean Blend)



Rebellion Dark (Caribbean Blend)



Red Leg Spiced (Caribbean Blend)



Renegade Enmore 1990 (Guyana)

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Distilled on Versailles Stills on the Enmore Estate, East of the River Demerara in Guyana. Matured in American Oak, it has been finished in Madeira casks which have added texture, depth and fruit notes. Colour – Dirty Blond. Body – Heavily oiled and sturdy. Nose – Soothing vanilla is first to sweep in with a spices and roasted chestnuts not far behind. An utterly refined subtle rum with dry wood, dates and cloves all swiftly pursued by juicy figs, a touch ginger cake and burnt sugar. Palate – Layer after layer of fine flavour finesse. Smoky charcoal on entry, followed by an abundance of rich dark chocolate, ripe plums, fat raisins, muscavado sugar, treacle toffee and marzipan. All work closely together to bring weighted balance and poise. Finish – Lingering savoury finish that lasts and lasts.


Renegade Hampden 1992 (Jamaica)

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Hampden was founded in 1799 in Trelawny on Jamaica's North Coast by 2 Scottish families: the Stirlings and Farquharsons. Produced in pot stills from the molasses of its own sugar cane plantation, Hampden rums are naturally fruity. The rum has been finished in Chateaux Latour casks to add depth. Colour - Pink rose petals. Body – Medium, sleek rum in the laid back Jamaican style. Nose – Heady aromas of pot roasted strawberries infused with star anise and vanilla pods, flambéed bananas and toasted pancakes with maple syrup. Sweet toasted oak is only just present in the background, but is almost overcome by the sweet fruit and honeysuckle scents. Palate – Light and beautifully sweet with toasted pine nuts and a roasted chestnuts at the front. Burnt sugar and smoky orange peel make an appearance towards the end and leave a pleasantly bitter aftertaste along with a more herbaceous and earthy tang. Finish – Earthy realism that is bold, unrestrained and entirely memorable.


Renegade Uitvlught 1995 (Guyana)

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Colour – Bronze. Body – Light to medium, a high class rum that knows how to behave. Nose – The American oak casks shine through first bringing vanilla, caramel and some citrus of lime and lemon notes through first. Soon more elegant note from the sauternes casks emerge including some teasing green fruits and delicate dried figs and sultanas before syrupy dates, prunes and toffee notes appear. An outstanding combination. Palate – Sweet in the extreme, yet light with a biscuit backing. Sherbet with soft nougat is married with fresh coffee beans and a touch of white chocolate. Sweet toasted oak lingers before a burnt sugar and toffee apples leave you salivating for more. Finish – Short, sweet and sensual.


Renegade Don Jose 1997 (Jamaica)

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Colour – Polished Chestnut. Body – Medium to heavy with restrained viscosity. Nose – Highly aromatic with traces of baked apples with raisins and cinnamon, liquorice, caramelised pears and the sweet floral notes of meadowsweet and honey. Plums, strawberries and pomegranates denote the Port casks robust presence. Palate – A satisfying oil slick mouth coating sweetness on entry. This rum has a real mellow flavour of soft oak and more of the red fruits from the nose. Prunes, banana, red grapefruit and mild spices provide intensity and help enthral you in to falling in love with this vintage bottling. Finish – Long, warming sugar cane aftertaste.


Ron Botran Reserve (Guatemala)



The colour has a glossy copper hue with shimmering brightness reflecting ambient light. Initial aromas are dominated by oak with a hint of vanilla. As it aerates, dried apricot and baking spices develop and blend bourbon vanilla cream. Rich and honeyed on entry, this is a full-bodied, mouth-filling spirit with a extravagant maple syrup punch that matures across the palate. Toffee, crystallized tree fruit, black figs and background notes of coffee and clove. Complex and appealing, this rum finishes with an attractive sharpness. Well-balanced and mature, the robust oak and sweet vanilla work in concert to create a dazzler.


Ron Botran Solera 1893 (Guatemala)



This is exceptionally Smooth rum.  Botran Solera 1893 reveals a medium dark amber colour due its aging in oak.  On the nose: Botran Solera offers a subtle caramel aroma, joined with golden raisin, a hint of dried apricot tart-fruit, and a slight oaken vanilla substance, leaving hints of almond nutmeg aromas till the end. Flawlessly smooth to sniff with moderate complexity and no aggressive alcohol aromas. The initial taste is honeysuckle sweet and medium to full bodied, with no offensive alcohols to restrict your tongue as it wakes to the smooth development of flavours consistent with the aromas. Botran Solera 1893 has a body of medium viscosity, extensive but light, and altogether drinkable. The finish is just off-dry, very long with savoury sweet flavour and the slightest spicy edge adding up to a lip smacking anticipation of another sip.


Ron Palma Mulata Blanco Reserve 3yr Old (Cuba)



Ron Palma Mulata Blanco 3 year old is one of the top selling brands in Cuba. It is distilled from sugar cane carefully selected by the master distillers. It is aged in oak barrels for 3 years giving it a pale golden colour.


Ron Palma Mulata Anejo 5yr Old (Cuba)

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Ron Palma Mulata Anejo Reserva 5 year old is among the best selling in Cuba. It is distilled from sugar cane carefully selected by the master distillers and aged in oak barrels for 5 years giving it a golden colour.


Ron Palma Mulata Anejo Gran Reserva 7yr Old (Cuba)

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Ron Palma Mulata Anejo Gran Reserva 7 year old is one of the biggest selling brands in Cuba. It is distilled sugar cane carefully selected by the master blenders. It is then aged in oak barrels for 7 years giving it a golden brown colour.


Ron Palma Mulata Anejo Gran Reserva 15r Old (Cuba)



St Aubin Agricole Blanc 50.0%  (St Aubin)



A very vibrant, feisty example of rum made from fresh cane juice with an intensely grassy nose. The distillers say this it is "clean and smooth with a slight peppery, vanilla tinge.”


Sagatiba Pura Cachaca (Brazil)



Meaning 'Infinite Saga', Sagatiba is a pure, premium cachaca, the traditional spirit of Brazil. State of the art distillation technology combined with traditional production techniques give a top quality smooth spirit which is highly versatile. Sagatiba can be used as the main ingredient in all kinds of Caipirinhas and many other cocktails, or it can simply be enjoyed straight with a twist of lime.


Sagatiba Velha Cachaca (Brazil)



Sagatiba means 'The infinite Saga' and 'Velha' means aged. Unlike Sagatiba Pura this cachaca is a selection of only the best cachacas traditionally aged in fine wood barrels. Each batch is unique and limited giving the product an exclusive character. With its aromatic bouquets, delicate flavours and soft body this cachaca will impress connoisseurs of the best traditionally made cachacas. Warm up with a Sagatiba & Nutella: 30ml Sagatiba Velha, powdered chocolate, powdered cinnamon, cinnamon stick, hot milk, 4 bar spoons Nutella. In a large hot cup or mug, place the Nutella, Sagatiba, chocolate and cinnamon powder and top up with vaporized milk. Decorate wtih cinnamon powder and serve with a cinnamon stick stirrer.


Saint James Imperial Blanco (Martinique)



Saint James Royal Ambre (Martinique)



The Royal Ambre is a blend of rums matured in Limousin Oak barrel, having an aging of 18 months to two years. The Rhum is distilled as an agricole, and follows the strict regulations required to approve its A.O.C. labelling under French law. The cane in Sainte Marie is grown exclusively for the use of the distillery, as is most cane on Martinique. It has a lovely golden amber colour; a light hue of copper on the inside makes it quite a pretty rum. The nose is strong, with a bit of a scent like one would imagine a burning cane field, grassy, light amber caramel, and that touch of oak tannin. Measured opening on the palate--then broadens into a light to medium body with date, light sugar cane, and soft floral notes along with a silky texture. Then the heat and acidity kick in nicely with mineral notes. The finish continues for about a minute or so. A very pleasant agricole rum, with mild cane flavours. 


Saint James Rhum Vieux Agrixcole (Martinique)



Salior Jerry Spiced (Caribbean Blend)



Based on an original recipe created by the World’s most famous Tattoo Artist, Sailor Jerry Collins (1911-1971). Inside the back label features a series of famous Sailor Jerry tattoos, which are fast becoming collector’s items. Whilst searching through his personal papers and his vast collection of tattoos after his death the original recipe for his blend of rum was found. The rum is dark amber in colour. The nose is pungent with rich mix of spice, ginger, honey, and nutmeg and brown sugar characters. The palate has a lively start with dark chocolate, nuts and more ginger leading into a spice filled finish that is long and very clean. Incredible spiced rum.


Santa Teresa Gran Reserva (Venezuela)



Santa Teresa Gran Reserva is an ingenious blending of first quality rums, aged in oak barrels and casks for 2 to 5 years, Gran Reserva is emblematic of Santa Teresa rums in Venezuela and the favourite of the younger consumer. The colour is golden amber with a salmon tint. Creamy caramel and spice aromas follow through to a round, mild, off-dry medium body that displays creamy caramel and delicate spice flavours. The finish is firm and smooth with a clean, butter and spice fade.


Santa Teresa Claro (Venezuela)

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Claro is a blend of carefully selected rums aged in white American oak for an average of three years. Claro is light gold in colour, with a nose of sugar cane and summer fruits, mostly apple, banana and pineapple with some light woody notes. The palate has gentle wood with apple, vanilla and a light body and a long finish.


Santa Teresa Selecto Extra Anejos (Venezuela)



Selecto, Santa Teresa’s Premium rum par excellence, which we are introducing to the world, is a blend that combines the smoothness that only experts can achieve along with a tasteful and exciting avant garde note. Selecto appeals to a sophisticated generation that celebrates success with quality, and gives a whole new dimension to a category that is only just beginning to be discovered. Its silky body arises from a blend of first class rums. Aging in oak barrels gives it the splendor of its characteristic golden colour and woody vanilla-like aroma, making Selecto robust, complex on the palate and consistent to the end".


Santa Teresa Bicentary (Venezuela)

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The rum-making tradition at the Hacienda Santa Teresa dates back two centuries, to a time when the enterprising colonizers ploughed for the first time its fertile soil and planted the first sugarcanes. It was the year of 1796, a year that would mark the beginning of a continuous effort to produce the fine rums Santa Teresa is famous for.

The sugarcane is grown in the fertile valleys of Aragua, in the heart of Venezuela. Once harvested and processed, it is transported to Santa Teresa's modern distillery. It is here where the master blenders, with the help of modern equipment, transform the raw material into world-renown Venezuelan rum. The Hacienda Santa Teresa has carefully restored the old train station "El Consejo," which is now open to visitors.


Santa Teresa 1796 (Venezuela)



Santa Teresa 1796 Rum is the rum of rums. This flagship product is a careful blend of the finest rums, matured over 15 years. Launched in 1996 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Hacienda Santa Teresa. The rum has a deep copper colour. The nose has rich roasted nut, toffee, coconut, oiled leather, and spice aromas. A smooth start leads to a silky, dry medium to full-bodied palate with toffee, roasted nuts, tobacco, and spice. Finishes with a long toffee, and spice fade. This rum is very elegant, sensual and powerful with remarkable balance.


Santa Teresa Orange (Venezuela)



The rum is deep amber colour. The nose has rich dried orange peel, toasty oak, vanilla, white pepper, and brown spice aromas. A rich start leads to a vibrant full-bodied palate of peppery spice, orange peels, vanilla and aged rum flavours. Finishes with a long, peppery, orange peel fade. This is an exceptional orange rum liqueur that works brilliantly on ice or in cocktails.


Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca (Cuba)

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Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanco Rum is a white rum distilled from sugar cane grown in the rich microclimate of the Sierra Maestra basin around Santiago de Cuba. It is matured for up to 3 years in the oldest oak barrels at the old Bacardi Distilley, which date back to the 1920's. The nose is light and fruity with a sweet, smooth flavour. There are hints of summer fruits on the palate with a lasting, dry finish. Cubans consider this to be the best premium rum.


Santiago de Cuba Anejo(Cuba)

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Santiago de Cuba Rum Anejo is distilled from sugar cane grown in the rich microclimate of the Sierra Maestra basin around Santiago de Cuba. It is matured, using the Spanish Solera system, for up to 5 years, in the oldest oak barrels at the old Bacardi Distillery, which date back to the 1920's. The rum combines a grassy, spirit bouquet with a complex flavour, suggestive of vanilla combined with hints of orange zest, which becomes particularly noticeable when a little water is added to the rum.


Santiago de Cuba 11yr Old (Cuba)



Cuban rum produced at the old Bacardi facilities in Santiago de Cuba. There are rumours abound that this rum is the old Cuban Mathusalem rum – now discontinued due to legal issues about the brand registration. The Añejo Superior ages for 11 years in oak barrels and is available in tiny quantities only. Amber colour. Very elegant and smooth, shows very clean flavours of coffee, caramel, dark chocolate and exotic spices. Very long lasting aftertaste. This rum, in our very personal opinion reflects Cuban rum at its best. As good as it gets! Works well with a Cuban cigar.


Santiago de Cuba Extra Anejo (Cuba)

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Santiago De Cuba Extra Anejo (aged) 20 yo is distilled from sugar cane grown in the rich microclimate of the Sierra Maestra basin around Santiago de Cuba. It is matured, using the Spanish Solera system, for up to 20 years, in the oldest oak barrels at the old Metusalem Distillery, which date back to the 1920's. This aging has produced an elegant and mature rum, which has hints of candied fruits, oranges and just a hint of cigar box. Blended to celebrate the 485 anniversary of Santiago De Cuba city, currently the oldest of Cuban Rums coming from the oldest most exclusive oak barrels previously reserved for limited production state gifts! No words can describe this marvel.


Santiago de Cuba 25yr Old (Cuba)



Savana Creol Vieux Traditional 1999 (France)



Directly stemming from the pure sugar cane juice, Savanna Creol sticks to yesterday recipes of famous agricultural rums. The nobility of its preserved fragrances is fully-bodied. Fruity and delicately perfumed, its flavour is fully bursted in ti’punch (planters rums).


Savana Intense Tradional 2000 (France)



The Savanna Intense white rum has been specially made by our laboratories and tested by our Spirit Master to enable you to mature at your own place a 1-litre or 5-litreDistillerie de Savanna small cask. This rum has these unique aromatic credentials to assure you a perfect match between your small oak cask and this premium spirit during the all process of maturing. With an alcohol content of 58%, this rum owns the optimum qualities to keep its vigour throughout time compensate the Angel’s share and preserve the balance in flavours.


Savana  Lontan  (France)



Savanna Lontan is the noblest expression of the aromatic values contained in molasses, often defined as the honey of sugar cane. Thanks to a mixed “old style” fermentation, very slow and perfectly controlled process, Savanna Lontan fully expresses its precious and aromatic flavours. Ideal for amateurs who appreciate authenticity, it is a real asset for culinary arts: its flavours delight palates and perfume your desserts. Lontan means “before” in creole: Distillerie de Savanna choose this designation to remind the craftsmanship of old times. Lontan means “long time”: Distillerie de Savanna choose this designation to remind the connoisseurs of the length of this full-bodied spirit. The mastering of this technology required 5 years of research. Today, Savanna Lontan is one of the pride rums of Distillerie de Savanna since it embodies the blend of technological innovation and historical savours.


Seven Tiki (Fiji/New Zealand)

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The name Seven Tiki, represents the beginning of mankind in New Zealand. The Maori legend goes like this. About 800 years ago, in Polynesia there was a courageous, adventurous chap called Kupe who had heard about a rich, fertile land far down in the Pacific Ocean. Kupe talked his mates into jumping into canoes (waka) and sailing to the far away land. It was called the great fleet and there were seven canoes that first landed in New Zealand. Tiki is a universal symbol for all Pacific cultures which is worn around the neck. You'll find the Tiki in all lands from Hawaii to New Zealand, from Easter Island to Fiji.  The Rum has a very restrained, clean and almost vodka nose and is a thick clear white spirit, it has hints of cinnamon, malt and palm sugar and is vaguely reminiscent of syrah. Over ice the spicy notes become more pronounced and it takes on a warm, green finish. In a cocktail the palm sugar notes become more prominent and the finish is clean and crisp. It is a wonderful rum and something a little bit different.


Skipper Demerara (Guyana)



Distilled and imported from Guyana, one of the world’s finest rum producing countries and the only country allowed to use the description ‘Demerara’ for its rums. The spirit is distilled from sugar cane and molasses and is aged in oak casks and then blended to bring out its caramel, vanilla and toffee flavours.


Smatts Silver (St Lucia)



Smatts Gold (St Lucia)



Smith & Cross (Jamaica)



The mark of Smith & Cross traces its lineage to one of England's oldest producers of sugar and spirits. Its history dates back to 1788 with a sugar refinery located at No. 203 Thames Street by the London Docks. Over time, the firm and its partners became prominent handlers of Jamaica rum, with extensive cellars along the river Thames. Smith & Cross today stands as successors in trade to Smith & Tyers and White Cross, both having previously operated side by side for generations in the house of what is today Hayman Distillers. The sugar trade was a cornerstone of the British Empire, and from the 19th century had its largest trading hub in London. In 1802 an entire new section of the Port of London, the West India Docks, was built to process the vast amounts of sugar and rum arriving from British colonies in the Caribbean. The Rum Dock section grew famous for product aged therein. For generations England was Jamaica's best market for rum and for this reason the world went to London to source the finest marks. This rum represents the distinctively flavourful and aromatic style that made Jamaica rum famous in the late 19th and early 20th century. Containing only Wedderburn and Plummer pot still distillates, famous for their notes of exotic fruits and spice, it delivers a tour de force of flavour and complexity that historically made Jamaica rum a cornerstone of many classic drinks.


Sixty Six Four Square (Barbados)



Rum Sixty Six Family Reserve is a rare 12 year old rum which has been ‘tropically aged’ in American white oak casks in the consistently warm climate with which Barbados is blessed. 12 years’ tropical ageing imparts a character and complexity comparable to that found in a Single Malt or Fine Cognac aged a quarter of a century. It’s excellent sipped slowly straight up, over ice or perhaps with a little soda water.

The meticulous care and craftsmanship which goes into making Rum Sixty Six Family Reserve is highly unusual in the world of rum. We believe it is the finest rum in the world – and a rum which can truly hold its own against Europe’s finest spirits.

In a world where appearances sometimes deceive, Rum Sixty Six Family Reserve is the genuine article – a serious spirit made in an unhurried way at a historic distillery by a family company with generations of rum-making expertise. Medium to dark amber. Rich, aromatic nose with raisins, prune and some treacle. Slight vanilla notes and lots of wood. Big and full in the mouth with lots of rich flavour and mellow maturity. Fairly sturdy oak influence. Vanilla plays an important part in long lasting finish.


St. Nicholas Abbey 12yr Old (Babados)

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Stroh 40.0% (Austria)



Stroh stands for 'the spirit of Austria'. This rum is the favourite in Austria and Germany and produces over 10 million bottles a year. It can be used as a base for many cocktails or can be drunk with a dash of cola or simply over ice. This is the tame one in the family at 40% ABV.


Stroh 60.0% (Austria)

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Stroh is an Austrian over proof spiced rum, dating back to 1832 and named after the founder, Sebastian Stroh. It is produced as Stroh 40, Stroh 60 and Stroh 80, which have respective proofs of 80, 120 and 160, with the latter being stronger than Bacardi's 151 rum for example. It's now available in over 30 countries.


Stroh 80.0% (Austria)



Stroh stands for 'the spirit of Austria'. This rum is the favourite in Austria and Germany and produces over 10 million bottles a year. It can be used as a base for many cocktails or can be drunk with a dash of cola or simply over ice. Drinking this 80 % ABV member of the Stroh family is described as an extreme sport, and is not for the faint hearted!


Sunset Overproof  84.5% (St Vincent)

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Terra Dourada Cachaca (Brazil)



The name Terra Dourada means Golden Land in English and was chosen to reflect the sheer beauty of Brazil. All Cachaça is made from fermented sugar cane juice, which is then distilled. This is an un-aged Cachaça, which is perfect for making Caipirinhas. Clear and pure in appearance with soft, sugar cane aromas on the nose which then follow through to a smooth, light, fruity palate.


Terra Dourada Ouro Cachaca (Brazil)



This Cachaça has been aged for 2 years in French and Scottish oak, hence the golden colour. It carries all the characteristics of the un-aged but with an even smoother, softer palate, it is complex and well rounded, suitable for sipping.


T.O.Z Gold (St Lucia)



TØZ Gold is a blend of aged, premium Saint Lucian rums from the Caribbean's premier small distillery. Distilled in copper alembic pot and continuous stills, the rum is aged in American white oak barrels before a final polish in vintage port casks. Luminous with hints of gold and red, the rum has sweet raisin fruit, vanilla and rich nutty character, elegant, well balanced and complex.


T.O.Z White Gold (St Lucia)



TØZ White Gold is a blend of aged, premium rums. Distilled in copper alembic pot and continuous stills, the rum is aged in American white oak barrels before a final polish in vintage Port casks. The rum is then gently filtered to remove colour and to give a fresh citrus character with hints of sweet raisin and vanilla.


Trois Rivieres Blanc 50.0% (Martinique)



Award-winning strong white rum, with an amazingly intense agricole nose and palate, characterised by powerful floral, vegetal notes and a recognisable oiliness. A really authentic rum.


Trois Rivieres Single Cask (Martinique)



Trois Rivieres 5yr Old (Martinique)



A delicious agricole rum from Trois Rivieres, this has a depth and complexity far beyond its years.


Trois Rivieres 8yr Old (Martinique)



An outstanding Trois Rivieres agricole rhum, this time aged a full 8 years. Big, yet sophisticated on the palate.


Trois Rivieres 1997 (Martinique)



Aged for over six years, this is an aromatic style, with notes of tobacco and liquorice alongside the fruit and dry spices.


Trois Rivieres 1953 (Martinique)



Tucana Cachaca (Brazil)

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Tucano Cachaça is a premium Brazilian spirit distilled from ripe sugar cane in small pot stills. Part is then matured in oak casks. Tucano's smooth taste is the result of blending aged Cachaça with young and fruity Cachaça. It is the ideal basis for many cocktails including the famous Caipirinha.


Watson’s Trawler (Caribbean Blend)



Watson's Trawler Rum is a blend of mature rums from Guyana and Barbados, two of the finest rum producing countries in the world. Before blending, each rum is aged in oak casks in its country of origin to bring out its full character and flavour. The rums are then carefully blended to produce this fine dark rum of particular smoothness and quality - a rum known to those with an eye for quality for nearly a century as Watson's Trawler Rum.


Watson’s Demerara (Guyana)

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Watson's Demerara Rum is a blend of mature rums from Guyana; the only country in the world legally entitled to call its rum Demerara. Before blending, the rum is aged in oak casks to bring out its full character and flavour. The rums are then carefully blended to produce this fine Demerara rum of particular smoothness and quality. A rum known to those with an eye for quality for nearly a century as Watson's Demerara Rum.


Woods 100 (Guyana)



Wood’s 100 is made from the finest Demerara Sugar, Distilled at The Diamond Distillery Guyana. It is produced using a combination of spirit made in both pot and continuous stills, from the finest sugar cane grown along the banks of the River Demerara. It is matured for 1.5 to 3 years in oak before being blended. The rum is dark brown in colour. The nose has a sweet tart and concentrated coffee with a hint of cream. The palate is sweet with banana and coffee. There is a nutty sweetness before the finish. The finish is sweet with a lot of coffee. A well-made navy rum.


Wray & Nephew (Jamaica)



In Jamaica Wray & Nephew is an intrinsic part of the culture, tradition and everyday living where it accounts for 90% of all rum consumed on the island. The rum is crystal clear in colour. A rich nose with banana, molasses, lime and a touch of nut. The rum is ripe on the palate, showing banana, nuts, sweetness and quite crisp. The finish is grassy and long. Without a doubt one of the best over proof white rums available.


XM VXO 7yr Old Extra Old (Guyana)



Rums aged for 7 years in sherry wine barrels are sampled and only the choicest casks are selected for blending as XM VXO . This secret blending process creates a rum of exceptional mellowness with a smooth yet distinctive flavour.


XM 10yr Old (Guyana)



The rums used to make XM Royal Gold 10yr Old are first aged in bourbon casks for over 9 years. Before being subjected to a very demanding selection process. Only rums of the highest quality are selected for blending. Once blended, the rum is then filled into Sherry wine casks for a further 6 months


Zacapa Centenarios 23yr (Guatemala)



Zacapa Centenario is hand wrapped in royal palm leaves and produced from a blend of vintage rums with up to 23 years of barrel age; Zacapa Centenario represents the pride of Guatemalan rums, the pride of closely guarded recipes known only to skilled master blenders, and the pride of a government that strictly mandates the aging process. The rum has an attractive rich chestnut colour. A Christmas spice and caramel fudge nose with a well-rounded oak aroma that speaks of aging and refinement. This full-bodied rum has rich brown spice; vanilla and subtle molasses flavours that envelope the palate with sugar cane sweetness. Has a super smooth and lengthy finish that has aromatic persistence. Enjoy neat or on the rocks.


Zacapa XO (Guatemala)



Ron Zacapa XO´s is created with a unique process that slowly combines pure virgin sugarcane honey with a pineapple based yeast, which is especially produced by Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala for the elaboration of this rum. The main characteristic of Ron Zacapa XO is its 25-year aging process masterfully executed at 7,500 ft above sea level. The aging process is achieved with the Solera System in white oak barrels where Bourbon whisky and Jerez and Pedro Ximénez wines have been aged before. Also, French oak barrels used for cognac are utilized in the process. Another important step in the creation of Ron Zacapa XO is the “marriage of mixtures” before bottling the rum, which carefully combines the ingredients producing an extraordinary taste. This final stage can take up to one and a half years. The techniques involved in the aging process add to the aroma and flavour characteristics of the rum, but it is the aging in French oak barrels, known as limousine, what gives Ron Zacapa XO its unique distinction. Aging in French barrels takes an average of two years, which gives this rum complex and sophisticated flavours that make it so enjoyable. The rum has a wonderful chestnut-amber hue. Leather, tobacco and charred molasses nose. A rich entry leads to a full-bodied, moderately sweet palate of tobacco, burnt caramel, oak and brown spice elements. This rum finishes for a mile, such a satisfying warm afterglow of alcohol. A seriously structured and refined aged rum. Reminiscent of a fine Spanish brandy.


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