Genealogy of the Smyth family in Kilcornan in the barony of Kenry, County Limerick, Ireland and some of their descendants and connections, Rudd, Lowe, Hennessy, Pereira, Hetherington, Weir, Bovenizer, Modler, Newenham.

This consists of three family trees based on information available in January 1998.
One showing the ancestors and descendants of Bill and Nick Smyth.
A more detailed one of the Smyth family in Kilcornan, known descendants of Charles Smyth about1731-1804. His is the oldest grave in the Smyth plot in the Church of Ireland churchyard at Askeaton, County Limerick.
One of the Pereira/Hennessy family in Bangalore and some of their descendants.

If printing please note that the original family tree images were on A4 landscape (roughly US letter landscape) and the second requires two sheets.

Note on the name Smyth (for non Irish readers)
Smyth is a variant spelling of Smith and is the one most commonly used in Ireland. Smith appears to be a more modern form which probably came into use in the 17th Century or later. Chaucer's spelling was smyth (for the occupation) and the name now commonly spelt Smithson was spelt Smythson in Shakespeare's time (the architect Robert Smythson).

Compiled by Bill Smyth. Updated October 1999.