This survey is not a complete list of inhabitants, and some of the people listed were known to be dead at the time of the compilation. Its purpose is not clear but is possibly a list of those entitled to prayer in return for contributions to the Cathedral funds which would explain why some deceased persons are listed.

A + before a name is believed to denote deceased.
Uxor Eius = Wife

Master Nicholas HEYLYNG, Joyce, uxor eius, Walter, Jane.

Ralph WAKELEN, +Agnes, uxor eius.

Henry DUCE, Margery, uxor eius, James, John, Elizabeth, Agnes.

William EYTON, Joan, uxor eius, Rose, Maud, Thomas, Beatrice, Katherine, Alice.

William WYTTMORE, Ellen, uxor eius, Nicholas, Elizabeth, Agnes, Joyce, Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Roger.

John HYCHKOCK, Agnes, +Margaret, uxores eius, Ralph, Agnes, parentes.

Henry REYD, Elizabeth, uxor eius, John, George, Katherine, +Margery, +Richard, +Agnes.

John HEY, Margaret, uxor eius, Elizabeth, John, Roger, Richard.

Peter BROME, Agnes, uxor eius, John, Elizabeth, parentes.

Ewen FOSTER, Margery, uxor eius, Agnes, Richard, Elizabeth, +Margaret, Margery.

John PRESTWODE, Emmot, uxor eius, Richard, Ellen, Mary, Margaret, William.

Robert PHILIP, Joan, uxor eius, +Margaret, +Agnes, Joyce, George, John, Alice.

Thomas SEWKER, Agnes, uxor eius, Elizabeth, Ellen, William, Agnes, Beatrice, Marion.

Thomas REYDE, Agnes, uxor eius, Agnes, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Alice, Agnes.

Nicholas WYTMORE, Alice, uxor eius, William, Margery, Humphrey, John.

George PHYLYPE, Alice, uxor eius, +Joyce.

Richard WOOD, Margery, uxor eius, Eleanor, Alice, John, Margery.

Laurence WERALL, Margaret, uxor eius, Richard, Agnes, Alice, Beatrice.

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