A listing of Lockmakers, Keymakers, Bolt and Latch Makers extracted from Pigot & Co's 1835 Commercial Directory of Staffordshire. Lockmakers are listed by the type of locks made (eg. Pad). A total of 328 names are listed from a population at this time of around 6,000 showing the high concentration of the trade in Willenhall.

Surname Name Trade or Type of Lock Address
Abbotts Joseph Closet Bentley Row
Adams Joseph Cabinet Walsall Street
Ainsworth Charles Rim Walsall Street
Appleby George Trunk Short Heath
Appleby John Trunk Lane Head
Appleby Joseph Trunk Short Heath
Appleby Josiah Pad Little London
Arnett Thomas Rim Workhouse Lane
Arnold John Pad Walsall Street
Ash Charles Rim Little London
Ash James Cabinet Monmore Lane
Ash Samuel Pad Wood Street
Ash John Keymaker Stafford Street
Ash Abraham Key Stamper Wolverhampton Street
Ash Isaac Key Die Sinker Mount Pleasant
Aston John Rim Wood Street
Aston Abraham Keymaker Monmore Lane
Austwick Daniel Bolt Maker Little London
Babb Thomas Keymaker Wolverhampton Street
Ball Joseph Trunk Lane Head
Banks Abraham Rim Little London
Banks Francis Bolt Maker Little London
Banks Isaac Bolt Maker Little London
Banks John Bolt Maker Little London
Banks Joseph Bolt Maker Noose Lane
Banks Timothy Bolt Maker Stafford Street
Bates William Keymaker Walsall Street
Beckett John Portmanteau Birmingham Street
Beckett William Mortice New Road
Beddows James Mortice & Brass Case Little London
Beddows Jos. Mortice Wolverhampton Street
Beddows Thomas Rim Cross Street
Beesley Joseph Chest Short Heath
Birch John Box of Wards Stafford Street
Borrows Thomas Keymaker John Street
Braddock Martha Bolt Maker Birmingham Street
Bratt Charles Rim & Mortice Little London
Bratt Daniel Pad Little London
Bratt Jeremiah Closet Little London
Brevitt Henry Pad Square
Brevitt James Rim & Door Walsall Street
Brevitt Richard Rim Cross Street
Brevitt Thomas Rim & Door Walsall Street
Brigen Samuel Pad Birmingham Street
Brindley William Pad Wolverhampton Street
Broomhall James Trunk Short Heath
Broomhall John Trunk Lane Head
Broomhall Samuel Trunk Walsall Street
Brougball George Key Die Sinker Little London
Bucknall John Pad & Closet Birmingham Street
Burrows Joseph Rim Stafford Street
Butler Mark Pad Walsall Street
Butler Henry Keymaker Wolverhampton Street
Butler John Keymaker Hall Street
Butler Richard Keymaker Walsall Street
Cane Thomas Key Stamper Lane Head
Capper Thomas Rim Little London
Carpenter James Patent Rim Summerford Place
Cartwright Thomas Keymaker Cross Street
Cartwright Thomas Keymaker Walsall Street
Churm Charles Rim Stafford Street
Clarke Job Bolt Maker Wolverhampton Street
Colbourn Walter Cabinet Snape's Lane Head
Collett John Rim Stafford Street
Collett John Rim Walsall Street
Constable Benjamin Rim Rodney Row
Constable Jno. Staples Rodney Row
Constable Jno. jun. Rim Rodney Row
Constable Samuel Rim Rodney Row
Constable William Rim Birmingham Street
Cooper Henry Pad Little London
Cooper Edward Keymaker Cross Street
Cooper Joseph Keymaker Monmore Lane
Cooper Richard Keymaker Wolverhampton Street
Corkindale James Keymaker Mount Pleasant
Creswell Steven   New Invention
Creswell Stephen Keymaker New Invention
Croshaw Joseph Spring Latch Maker Wolverhampton Street
Dalaway Samuel Rim Sandbeds
Dugmore Daniel Rim Hall Street
Dugmore William Keymaker Cross Street
Dukes Richard Trunk New Invention
Duncomb Joseph Cabinet Short Heath
Duncomb Thomas Cabinet Short Heath
Dunton Joseph Trunk Stafford Street
Emery Samuel Rim Wolverhampton Street
Emery William Rim Summerford Brook
Evans Benjamin Cabinet Wood Street
Evans Henry Cabinet Monmore Lane
Evans Joseph Rim Little London
Evans Thomas Cabinet Monmore Lane
Ferguson Benjamin Rim & Mortice Wolverhampton Street
Ferguson James Closet Walsall Street
Ferguson Samuel Closet Stafford Street
Ferguson Thomas Closet Mobb's Bank
Fisher Richard Pad Wolverhampton Street
Fitton George Keymaker Rodney Row
Fletcher John Rim Stafford Street
Ford John Rim Hall Street
Ford John Rim Walsall Street
Foster Richard Key Stamper Little London
Fowke Chas. Pad Mount Pleasant
Fowke William Rim Mount Pleasant
Fox Jno. Mortice & Cabinet Walsall Street
Fox Humphrey Spring Latch Maker John Street
Fox John Spring Latch Maker Wolverhampton Street
Fox William Spring Latch Maker Little London
Gough Henry Rim Lichfield Street
Griffiths Caleb Keymaker Cross Street
Grimley William Key Stamper Waterglade
Haddock Thomas Lockmaker & Factor Mount Pleasant
Hadley Joseph Rim Little London
Hadley Joseph jun. Rim Little London
Hadley Mark Pad Sandbeds
Hall Thomas Rim Stafford Street
Hall William Alchove Pad Stafford Street
Harper William Lockmaker & Factor Cross Street
Harper William Keymaker Cross Street
Harper John Spring Latch Maker Wolverhampton Street
Harper William Bolt Maker Lichfield Street
Hartill Jno. Portmanteau Little London
Hartill Jonah General Pad Crescent
Hartill Stephen Pad Bentley Row
Hartill Thomas Pad Little London
Hartill George Keymaker Bentley Row
Hartill Jonah Key Stamper Crescent
Haynes Robert Keymaker Cross Street
Henney Isaac Mortice Little London
Henry Francis Bolt Maker Little London
Hill William Rim Monmore Lane
Hinkley John Spring Latch Maker Stafford Street
Hodson James Cabinet Stafford Street
Hodson Joseph Rim Walsall Street
Hodson Richard Pad John Street
Hodson William Pad John Street
Horton George Pad Little London
Huffadine George Trunk Sandbeds
Hughes Thomas Pad Wolverhampton Street
Huntbach George Rim Hall Street
Huntbach John Keymaker Wolverhampton Street
Hutchinson John Cabinet New Invention
Jackson Benjamin Pad Little London
Jackson John Pad Little London
Jeffs Samuel Pad Little London
Jobber John Pad Stafford Street
Jobber Solomon Pad Wood Street
Johnson Isaac Rim Walsall Street
Jones David Rim Wolverhampton Street
Jones Henry Mortice Walsall Street
Jones James Closet Little London
Jordon John Keymaker Waterglade
Jordon John Spring Latch Maker Square, Walsall Street
Jukes John Pad Little London
Knowles Timothy Bolt Maker Stafford Street
Lamsdale Elias Mortice Waterglade
Lawrence Hugh Bolt Maker Waterglade
Lloyd Alexander Pad Stafford Street
Lloyd James Box Staple Noose Lane
Lloyd Alex. Key Stamper Stafford Street
Lloyd Joseph Bolt Maker Little London
Loat Thomas Pad Monmore Lane
Lowe James Pad Little London
Lowe Thomas Pad Square
Mansfield John Bolt Maker Little London
Marsh Enoch Rim Little London
Marsh James Pad Stafford Street
Marsh Richard Rim Walsall Street
Marsh Thomas Box Staple Little London
Marsh Thomas Spring Latch Maker Little London
Marston Benjamin Pad Little London
Marston Daniel Pad Island, Bentley Row
Marston Edward Pad Stafford Street
Marston Enoch Pad Little London
Marston Joseph Pad Stafford Street
Marston Philip Pad Little London
Marston Simeon Pad Little London
Marston Joseph Bolt Maker Wolverhampton Street
Marston David Key Die Sinker Little London
Mason Jeremiah Rim Stafford Street
Mason Thomas   Little London
Millinchamp Thomas Keymaker Cross Street
Minors Thomas Pad Walsall Street
Morgan Joseph Pad Little London
Morgan Isaac Keymaker Little London
Morgan Henry Key Stamper Stafford Street
Morgan George Spring Latch Maker Little London
Morgan Mark Spring Latch Maker Wood Street
Myatt Thomas Rim Little London
Newman James Closet Stafford Street
Nicklin Timothy Pad Little London
Nickolls Joseph Keymaker Walsall Street
Ordidge Edward Pad Chapel Green
Ordidge Job Pad Birmingham Street
Ordidge Joshua Pad John Street
Osborne Benjamin Mortice Little London
Pace Thomas Key Stamper Mount Pleasant
Palmer William Rim Stafford Street
Parkes James Cabinet & Key Founder New Invention
Parkes Samuel Pad Cross Street
Parkes William Pad Walsall Street
Pearson Edward Cabinet Short Heath
Pearson George Cabinet Wood Street
Pearson Henry Box Staple Stafford Street
Pearson John Rim Hall Street
Pearson Jos. Cabinet Short Heath
Pearson William Gate Wolverhampton Street
Pearson James Keymaker Stafford Street
Pearson Thomas Bolt Maker Stafford Street
Pedley Joseph Mortice Lichfield Street
Pedley Joseph Keymaker Waterglade
Perkin John Keymaker Wolverhampton Street
Perry Barnett Cabinet New Invention
Perry John Closet Waterglade
Perry Johnthn. Closet Waterglade
Perry Richard Closet Waterglade
Phillips Edward Keymaker Square, Walsall Street
Phillips Thomas Keymaker Walsall Street
Phillips Thomas Keymaker Lichfield Street
Pitt Benjamin Pad Little London
Pitt Joseph Pad Little London
Pitt Samuel Mortice Little London
Pitt Stephen Pad Little London
Pitt Stephen Pad Waterglade
Pitt Richard Keymaker Stafford Street
Pitt Isaac Key Stamper Walsall Street
Pool Charles Cabinet Short Heath
Pool Thomas Rim Hall Street
Powell Thomas Rim Walsall Street
Pritchard Jas. jun. Trunk Sandbeds
Pritchard Walter Cabinet Short Heath
Proffit John Cabinet Little London
Rawlett William Spring Latch Maker Wolverhampton Street
Rawlett William Bolt Maker Wolverhampton Street
Read Benjamin Pad Stafford Street
Read Daniel Iron-Chest & Box of Wards Walsall Street
Read Enoch Pad Workhouse Lane
Read Richard Pad Monmore Lane
Read Thomas Pad Walsall Street
Read William Box of Wards Little London
Read James Keymaker Stafford Street
Reeves Thomas Closet Wolverhampton Street
Reeves George Keymaker Wolverhampton Street
Reeves Isaac Keymaker Lichfield Street
Reeves Samuel Keymaker Mount Pleasant
Richards Daniel Mortice Mount Pleasant
Robinson Edward Rim Lichfield Street
Robinson Thomas Closet Mobb's Bank
Robinson William Rim Walsall Street
Rowbottom Thomas Pad Waterglade
Rowley Meshach Rim Stafford Street
Rutter Richard Closet Wood Street
Rutter Stephen Closet Mobb's Bank
Rutter James Keymaker Bentley Row
Smith Benjamin Pad Wolverhampton Street
Smith Joseph Pad Little London
Smith Thomas Cabinet Walsall Street
Smith Thomas Cabinet Sandbeds
Smith William Pad & S.A. Door Walsall Street
Squire George Cabinet Short Heath
Stanley Isaac Closet Little London
Starkey Charles rim & Brass Case Wolverhampton Street
Starkey George Pad Noose Lane
Starkey Thomas Brass Case Stafford Street
Stone John Rim Little London
Stringer Daniel Mortice & Brass Case Stafford Street
Sturmay John Rim Little London
Summerfield Henry Pad Wolverhampton Street
Summerfield Jas. Rim Little London
Summerfield Thomas Rim Cross Street
Summerfield William Rim Cross Street
Tarbuck Simeon Cabinet New Invention
Taylor Daniel Closet Cross Street
Taylor Thomas Spring Latch Maker Stafford Street
Terry Benjamin Keymaker Walsall Street
Thompson James Pad Little London
Tildesley Isaac Rim Church Street
Tildesley Samuel Lockmaker & Factor Wolverhampton Street
Tildesley Jeffrey Key Stamper Workhouse Lane
Tonks George Pad Monmore Lane
Tonks Joseph Pad Monmore Lane
Tonks Timothy Pad Monmore Lane
Tonks Martin Keymaker Little London
Townsend John Closet Lichfield Street
Turner Benjamin Cabinet Sandbeds
Turner James Pad Hall Street
Turner John Cabinet Sandbeds
Turner John Closet Stafford Street
Turner Joseph Closet Wolverhampton Street
Turner Richard Cabinet Monmore Lane
Turner Thomas Rim Monmore Lane
Turner Timothy Closet Little London
Turner William Pad Little London
Turner Simeon Keymaker Walsall Street
Vaughan Thomas Trunk Monmore Lane
Veal William Mortice Stafford Street
Veal John Key Stamper Hall Street
Waklam Henry Rim Mobb's Bank
Walker John Iron Gate Little London
Walker Jonthn. Closet Walsall Street
Walker Joseph Rim John Street
Walker Richard Rim Waterglade
Walker Thomas Keymaker Walsall Street
Walters James Pad Wolverhampton Street
Walton Joseph Keymaker New Road
Walton William Key Stamper Mount Pleasant
Whitehouse Edward Cabinet Sandbeds
Whitehouse Joseph Rim John Street
Whitehouse Thomas Rim Wolverhampton Street
Whitehouse Jno. Spring Latch Maker Birmingham Street
Whitehouse Titus Spring Latch Maker Waterglade
Wilkes Charles Cabinet Short Heath
Wolverston Ralph Rim Mobb's Bank
Wolverston Samuel Rim Stafford Street
Wolverston Thomas Mortice & Rim Walsall Street
Wolverston Thomas Rim Waterglade
Wood James Rim Mobb's Bank
Wood Jos. Pad Monmore Lane
Woodcock Fanny Rim John Street
Woodcock Thomas Rim John Street
Wooton Thomas Spring Latch Maker Little London
Wooton William Spring Latch Maker Stafford Street
Wootton Hanh. Rim Little London
Wootton John Pad Mount Pleasant
Wootton Thomas Rim Stafford Street
Worrall John Rim Walsall Street
Wright Samuel Keymaker Wolverhampton Street
Wright John Key Stamper Stafford Street
Wright William Key Stamper Walsall Street

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