Laser Squad

The game was designed by Julian Gollop who was behind other games such as Chaos, Rebel Star (I & II), and the UFO series. A sequel has recently been released called Laser Squad Nemesis.

I have tried to keep this version as faithfull to the original spectrum version as possible, but intend to add new features so that people can use them in home build levels. The code is very different underneath the surface from the origional and it is now possible to have huge maps, many more than the origonal 20 units, and many more options for items and scenario conditions. At the moment I'm on the verge of publishing a fully working alpha of my scenario editor, just a few bits to tweak yet.

Here is the game. I've scanned in and tidied up the origional Spectrum manual so that it covers the changes made for the Java version.

Use the default method on your computer to get a popup menu (ie right mouse button in windows) that allows you to turn on or off sounds amongst other options.

The 'Return to Moonbase' scenario was one I found on the web. It was written by Johan von Nameh and play-tested by too many people to mention here, but the information is listed in the .zip file below and at Johan von Nameh's web-site.

I've also found some other scenarios (Mafia, BluePlanet, RescueRangers, TheAliens, Amazones, CoalCorp, Biowar, DeadCity, HostileTakeover, Saboteurs, The Assasins2, and TheMelterSquad). I've yet to figure out who wrote them, but have heard that one of the authors might be Kaz (Was this the same person that wrote demos for the spectrum?) and would like to ask permission of the authors before publishing any Java conversions. If you know who created them I'd be realy gratefull to know who they were so I could contact them. The other problem with these extra scenarios is that they don't always follow the origional Laser Squad method of how scenario data works so don't convert easily and will take longer to convert than the origional scenarios.

Here are all the files you need to play this game off-line, a readme file, and the manual all zipped up. Click here to download (452K).

If you spot any bugs (either crashes or in differences from the origional version) please let me know what they were and when they happened so that I might be able to fix them. Steve Godrich spotted bugs with spotting enemy units, dropping items, and explosions, all of which I've now been able to fix. Jukka Paatero spotted a couple more bugs with explosions that I've also been able to fix,

I have found another remake of Laser Squad. It's by Tim Stridmann who's given it a more modern interface. You can find it at his website.

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Last updated 4th March 2008