Rebel Star

Here is my adaption of the Sinclair Spectrum version of RebelStar and RebelStar II. I have written it to run using Java so that you can run it on any computer that has Java installed (chances are that your web browser will run it). RebelStar and RebelStar II were considered some of the best games written for the Spectrum (I gather that a version was written for the Amstrad, although not the Commadore 64 as Jason Kelly informs me). Julian Gollop the author of these Games (and many others including other clasics such as Chaos, Laser Squad, the UFO series, the X-Com series and more recently Laser Squad Nemesis) has very kindly allowed me to put this remake of his game onto the web for the public to enjoy.

To move around, use 'A' for left, 'D' for right, 'W' for up, 'X' for down. 'E', 'Q', 'Z', 'C' move diagonally. All other options are displayed in the bottom right of the applet. 'V' toggles sound on and off. '+' increases the volume, and '-' decresaes the volume. If you spot any bugs, please E-Mail me with them.

You can download all the files needed to run RebelStar off-line here.

Special Thanks to Ian McGrath, Vinay Gupta, and moggie for spotting several bugs which I've now been able to fix.

If you spot any bugs please let me know. If it encounters a problem, RebelStar should print out an error message with information that will aid me to fix the fault. This information will be printed in the Java Console in a browser or printed in a text window if run from the command line. Sending this information would be invaluable to me.

Last updated 20th January 2008

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