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Snow Spotted Bengal Cat with Brown Spotted Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat Zawadi Onbroadway with an Award

Bengal cat breeders - Zawadi Bengals are experienced Bengal breeders, located in the United Kingdom.  Our cats live with us in our home and we rear all of our kittens indoors as part of our family, so all of our kittens have exceptionally warm, loving temperaments and loads of purrsonality!  We breed from only the finest Bengal queens and studs to ensure that our kittens are of excellent type and quality. 


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We have lots of photos of our Bengal family on our site along with links to information about the Bengal cat breed.  We love visitors, so if you would like to meet our magnificent Bengal family complete with a nice kitten cuddle, contact us to arrange a visit.
Blue-eyed Snow Marbled Bengal Kittens and Snow Spotted Bengal Kitten

Brown Marbled Bengal Cat - Zawadi Kianga

Bengal Kitten

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We are proud members of:

The Bengal Cat Club (BCC)
The Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain (BCCGB)
The Ocicat and Bengal Cat Club (OBCC)

All of our cats and kittens are registered with the GCCF and are fully vaccinated and insured with PetPlan.


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